Friday, 21 August 2015

Did You Know Airtel 4G Is The Fastest Network Ever?

There are numerous network provider companies in India. They surely have distinct features and keep doing the changes to be the best in market. Among all the popular names that even a kid or an old get on their mouth is- Airtel. This network truly lives up to its claims to deliver the best service and network.
Did You Know Airtel 4G Is The Fastest Network Ever?

My blogging work is all about Uploads, Downloads and Chats. While I also love to enjoy songs and movies online sometimes....but do I have to wait for the song buffering to get completed…??? This buffering mess will surely be a no more problem for me as Airtel (India’s largest network provider) has its new 4G plans.

This is 1st Pan-India 4G network which is can be availed in 296 cities.

You can avail this service on many smart devices like Cell phone, Dongle or even your 4G Home WI-Fi.

To my personal experience, this gives lightening faster speed with its 4G network on my Home Wi-Fi for which I am truly addicted. No more buffering problem and I download my favourites within a minute. Also while I try to connect other devices the speed isn’t affected at all. Below are few reasons why I want you to experience Airtel 4G.
Did You Know Airtel 4G Is The Fastest Network Ever?

Why try Airtel 4G?
 1. Lightening Faster Speed:
As I am a beauty and fashion blogger the HD contents to be uploaded never ends. While I used other network, it used to take ages to complete uploads but with this service the work is done pretty quickly within just few minutes.

2. Get your Free 4G Sim card:
Why use your 4G phone with the 3G plan? Try the new 4G speed from Airtel with your free 4G sim. In fact, you won’t even have to go to the store to purchase your 4G sim. Just request sim exchange and get it delivered at your doorstep for no amount. How cool and free service is that!

3. Get 4G Speed at the 3G Price:
Airtel 4G is being provided at the 3G price. So start enjoying your favourite video streaming uninterrupted with high speed of downloading & uploading at the 3G cost.

My verdict for #GetAirtel4G
The tagline on the   television commercial is very true that says, “Isse faster network mile toh lifetime mobile bills free”. I have upgraded my Airtel 3G to the faster speed Airtel 4G. This fastest network with many other facilities like speed and free sim doesn’t make a big hole in your pockets. Isn’t this an awesome news???

·        Personally I don’t download the movies or music anymore, but rather watch it online.
·        You can get the SIM at your doorstep by just visiting Airtel’s website and all this at no extra cost. Be sure that your device you want to use for the sim has 4G LTE enabled.

Do use Airtel 4G network and let us know how was the change and your own experiences. :)

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