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Anherb Lady Hygiene Wash Review

What Anherb Lady Hygiene Wash Claims?
100% Hygiene for intimate parts of a woman.
·        Provide freedom from bad odor.
·        An effective anti bacterial cleanser.
·        Prevent bacterial growth, prevent fungal Infection.
·        Keeps you feeling fresh throughout the day
·        Maintains acidic pH necessary for healthy intimate area.

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Anherb Lady Hygiene Wash Review

Price And Quantity: Rs. 210 for 120ml

Ingredients List: Olive and Milk Extracts

Direction To Use:
·        Pour a little amount of the cleanser on the palm.
·        Wash only the external feminine area.
·        Rinse very well.

Anherb Lady Hygiene Wash Review

When This Can Be Used:
·        Daily while bathing.
·        Anytime when you want to feel fresh.
·        You Can use it for 3-4 times per day while menstruation.

My Views About Anherb Lady Hygiene Wash
This comes in a plastic bottle and has very soft and sober coloured print over it. This makes it look fresh and gives a feeling of cleanliness. The bottle has a silver colour cap that needs to be pressed to open, while you have to squeeze the bottle to get the desired amount of the product. This has a shampoo like texture that is just too perfect for wash. The colour of the cleanser is lightest shade of pink that makes the product look extra feminine.
After every wash it gives a feeling of smoothness and soft skin. It lathers really well and is also easy to rinse. The mild scent helps to prevent any bad odour.  No moisturizer was required as I didn’t feel any dryness after the use.

Anherb Lady Hygiene Wash Review

Pros Of Anherb Lady Hygiene Wash
·        Helps to maintain clean feminine area
·        Can be used during periods
·        Lathers well
·        Rinse easily
·        Cleanses very well
·        Good packaging
·        Mild and good scent

Cons of Anherb Lady Hygiene Wash
·        PH not mentioned
·        Little Expensive

Ratings - 3/5

Final Verdict For Anherb Lady Hygiene Wash

This is surely a good intimate wash that can be used daily without any worries. I only wish they had mentioned about the PH.  You surely won’t complain about feeling dryness or any other infection with the usage of this product. This is also little pricey as compared to others in the market, but the cleansing job is amazing!

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