Monday, 17 August 2015

Bro Time: Lovely Memories

I'm 27 and my brother is 21. As I am a elder sibling I remember all the good and bad the times when he was a baby and also the first time I took him in little hands.  6 years isn’t quite a big gap, but I still can recollect the picture of the hospital when I got to see his first glance.

I always wanted little brother of my own, and never a sister as I hated girls and didn’t want my parents to share me with a sister. Thus, while he was born I stumbled with rejoice to let the world know about my brother and someone whom I can tie “rakhi” now. Silly me, is the relation just about rakhi, a boy or no envy about? Defiantly not!

We grew on each other by sharing toys, food that we ate and many other things. He also copied me whenever I did...these antics slowly became a lovely source of happiness for me. He measured the chocolates to give me the smaller one-cadbury-lol’, copied my paintings, told mom about the places I went- jaasoos, had issue on me wearing short and sleeveless dress........ Strict bother you see!

My brother (forgot to introduce him- “JAYESH”) has always been very protective and helpful at the same time. I have seen this little mischievous toddler transform into a very curious child. His amazing naughty smile can melt anyone & now this confident young boy surely melts many girls heart as well.

 My younger brother has always supported me in my trouble times and I have felt that in his eyes. ***secret- we many a times share inside thoughts, gags and jokes that not even the parents can understand. We share a very special bond and have an emotional connection which I hope the time doesn’t break.

I truly love him and he recognizes me like he does for our mother and father. We share respect and mutual love that I hope doesn’t diminish. He may be 21 years old but will always remain my little baby. In fact, even now I forget that he is grown up and still know him as that little mischievous toddler who made made my life worst but loved me at the same time. His light and funny gags help me lighten the mood from my hectic motherhood schedule. He is always very shy at things especially when it comes to express my Dad, be loves me and I know it!

I am seriously amazed to see his smartness at work these days and will love to see this handsome man with the amazing future.

This articles is a gift to my brother for Raksha Bandhan with sibling love #mysiblingrocks . 


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