Friday, 27 February 2015

8 Hottest Spring Makeup Shades

Going for a neutral, Beige or Brown shade for makeup is of course a never ending trend. But, Bright and the pastels shades are also the new trend for the makeup shades. You can add some Punchy shades of magenta, soft hues of lilac, the intense colours of sky blue shades which can add thrill and also stunning effect to your makeup. Let’s check few best makeup colours that suits the spring season.
I have clicked these pics via ASUS ZENFONE 5 and also added few effects to make it look even more beautiful.

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Magenta lips are surely the best colour for the spring makeup. Just Swipe your favourite magenta shades lipstick onto your lips.

This smudge of perfect peach with, moody highlights of orange brings an attitude to the spring makeup.  Apply it on the cheeks, using your brush to soften the shade.

Lavender is often associated with springs. You can go for some shade that has undertones of the hue gold and bronze. Work this best with brown eye shade and pink lip gloss that looks nude for your best daytime look.

Spring is the season of metallic. You can go for metallic on your clothes or even on the face. Thus, select cream shadow, liquid highlighter over lids and also the cheekbones. Don’t forget to add gold hued gloss on the lips.

This shade is surely the trend of the season, especially for lipstick colour. 

Turquoise - blue shade is best for this season. You can use this shade on the eyes for kohl, eye shadow or eyeliner to glam your makeup in best simple way.

Metallic eye shadows look prettiest in this season. You can either use as an eyeliner or eyeshade for more bold effect this spring.

Spring season is related to pastels and its softness. But in the soft pink, they look even sexier. 

Hope the article helped to select your colour for this spring season. ASUS ZENFONE 5 is surely a good Smartphone that helps to get the best pics for my blog. I have edited some photos to get its best effect. Hope you liked it, do leave your comments below!

You can buy the ASUS ZENFONE 5 HERE

Sunday, 22 February 2015

L’Oreal Skin Perfect Anti-Fine Lines + Whitening 30+ Cream Review

What L’Oreal Skin Perfect Anti-Fine Lines + Whitening 30+ Cream claims:
Age 30+ Skin Perfect Range contains Pro Collagen, which is perfect for fighting those fine lines that begin to appear in your thirties, giving you younger, glowing skin. 

Price of L’Oreal Skin Perfect Anti-Fine Lines + Whitening 30+ Cream:
Rs 149 for 18g
Rs 425 for 50g 

Ingredients of L’Oreal Skin Perfect Anti-Fine Lines + Whitening 30+ Cream: 

 My view about L’Oreal Skin Perfect Anti-Fine Lines + Whitening 30+ Cream:
This is a light tinted cream that adds sheer tint on the skin on application. This is a strict no no for dry skin as it can turn it extra dry. It also clings on dry skin patches. This can give you itching on the patches and thus not suitable on the sensitive skin as claimed.

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Maybelline Instaglam Sling Bag With Makeup Goodies

Hy lovely Beauties,
Today this post is about the gift that I recently received from my much loved brand Maybelline. They sent me a lovely Instaglam sling bag that includes many goodies from the brand as well.  The makeup goodies is the best gift that I could have ever received, as this is gonna fulfil my all makeup need for this wedding season. This has all basic makeup essential things such as Kajal, foundation, eyeliner, lipstick and nail polish.  Check the detailed list of the products below. 

About Maybelline Instaglam sling bag:
The sling bag: The snake print sling bag itself is damn gorgeous and so trendy. This will surely glam up all the western dress. The beige toned snake printed sling bag is rectangular in shape that has a lovely magnetic golden button to it. The awesome colour of the bag will surely suit all the dress and also make them look classic. This also has makeup goodies like: 

3. Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation
5. Maybelline Color Sensational Pink Alert Lipstick, Shade-POW 3
6. Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquer Silver Linings 007
7. Maybelline Hyper Glossy Electrics Eyeliner in Violet Volt
8. Maybelline Color Sensational High Shine Lip Gloss one shine day 30
9. Maybelline Color Show Bright Sparks (703) Firewood Brown 

All the makeup products are superb useful to create a best party look as they are glossy and shiny. I am surely using them for this wedding of my cousin. Will update the look then and give step by step tutorial to it.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Oriflame The ONE Illuskin Blush- Luminous Peach: Review & Swatch

Price and quantity of Oriflame The ONE Illuskin Blush- Luminous Peach:
Rs 599 for 4 gms

Ingredients of Oriflame The ONE Illuskin Blush- Luminous Peach:

My view about Oriflame The ONE Illuskin Blush- Luminous Peach:  
This comes in small purple case that has mirror inside.
 It has two strips that include blush and highlighter, but no brush. I like the packaging as it’s quite compact and a travel friendly at the same time. Oriflame The ONE Blush has a very fine and  silky satiny texture. They don’t settle in the pores to block them. The highlighter isn’t too soft like the blush.
The shade Luminous Peach has an awesome rosy coral coloured blush. This gives matte finish on application. The colour of the highlighter is beige-silver that has shimmer finely packed. 

Monday, 16 February 2015


I am obsessed by getting clicked, especially after entering my little vanity world. Smart phone manufacturers have made this job even easier as we take pictures everywhere for mobile being so handy.  
Asus Zenfone 5 has some awesome settings on the camera that will help you take best photos. The features are just mind boggling. Thus, today I thought to discuss few tips to get best photos with Asus Zenfone 5

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1. When taking group shots use the "landscape" mode. This will also help to capture background. This view adds a better look to the pic when seen on a computer or TV.

2. Try to get the most clicks you can to make you photo clicking easier. You can select the best later and delete the others.

3. Start getting closer to fill your subjects in a portrait. This will help you get the most detail of facial features like freckling or a cute dimple.
4. Using digital zoom is not advised rather you can walk close to your subject.  . Digital zooms make your photos look sometimes blurry or more pixelated.

5. Don’t just keep the subject in the centre. Move left or right to get even more powerful and most beautiful pics.

6. Mobile photography needs proper light but not onboard flash. Make more use of natural light. For this you can take pictures when outside.

7. Shoot most pics just an hour before or after the sunset to get gorgeous light for your landscapes and the outdoor photography. This golden hour adds a fiery oranges and hues of reds. After sunset you can get blue hues with soft, subtle look to the pictures.

8. Maintain a steady position and never hold it at arm's length. Hold the phone with the both hands to get best photos.

9. When shooting a photos or even a videos, match height of your subject. To get best shots keep it at eye level.  

10. Your picture background must be very simple and not distract the eye. This feature helps to blur the background and get pleasing photo.

11. Switch off the 'Auto' mode that always turns on flash and hits all the fun in pic with loads of light. Learn the many camera modes in this phone to decide how the photo must look.

12. Candid shots like mine below are best way to rock. It’s always not mandatory to shoot pose that makes the expression forced, very unnatural and also predictable. 


13. You can edit and also share photos on social media sites with some best fun filters. So add retro, fun, classic, black and white, sepia, tones and effects to get the best look.

My verdict over Asus Zenfone 5:
These above tips have helped me get the best photos with Asus Zenfone 5. I am actually very impressed with Zenfone 5. The big screen helps to get most in the frame while taking photos with it. This is quite easy to use and pick the camera with ease. This obviously doesn’t have pixel density like iPhone 5S but the bigger screen is awesome for browsing the internet and also read blogs. This phone also has different camera settings that help to take images with   ease and edit them.
So, to summarize, I liked the Aus Zenfone 5 as good handy smartphone to shoot pictures just anywhere.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Pop Pink Shock Lip Balm: Review, Swatch and LOTD

What Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Pop Pink Shock Lip Balm claims:

  • No More Basic Lip Balm!
  • 8HR Hydration with a Neon Kick
  • Electric color pigments in our exclusive lip renew formula
  • In 6 New Tinted Shades

Why You'll Love It
Electric color pigments give your lips a sheer jolt of neon color
Protects and moisturizes for a full 8 hours
In 6 New Tinted Shades
Visibly renewed lips in 1 week*
88% Had Smoother Lips*
82% Had Less Dry Lips*
70% Had More Supple Lips*
83% Had Better-Looking Lips*

For Best Results
Apply in the center of your upper lip to the outer edges, following the contours of your mouth. Then glide across the entire bottom lip. Can be worn under lip color

My views about Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Pop Pink Shock Lip Balm:
this is a new packaging for the baby lips range from the brand Maybelline. the old baby lip packaging was good too, but the change is even better. this comes in black colour plastic twist up plastic tube that has transparent  cap.
the shade PINK SHOCK is awesome  hot pink and has  blue undertones. this gives  a light pink lipstick effect on lips on application that i totally love it. the texture is superb soft and glides very well on the lips. this doesn't feel sticky or bleed. this has a very mild berry

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

OxyLife Crème Bleach Review

What OxyLife Crème Bleach Claims:
OxyLife bleach gives more fresh active oxygen to the face and makes dull, dark and lifeless face come alive instantly. OxyLife crème bleach comes with a unique pre bleach cream that forms a protective shield for even the most sensitive skin and gives you a safe and healthy bleaching experience.

Price and  Quantity of OxyLife Crème Bleach:
Rs 72 for 27 Gms

Shelf life from manufacturing date:
30 months

My view about OxyLife Crème Bleach:
I just  cant stay without  bleach if i have to attend any special occasion. this instantly helps to add extra glow on my face. OxyLife Crème Bleach comes with powder activator that you can mix together to apply on face. this kit also has pre bleach cream that contain  Vitamin E and glycerin to enhances the bleaching effect. The  cream on application  gets quickly absorbed without any  oily residue. then, you can wait for just 2 minutes to apply bleach crème. OxyLife Crème Bleach has nice mild floral fragrance and doesn't  sting on my skin. also the eyes don't become watery like other bleach. the texture of Crème is too good and doesn't form lumps. the colour of the powder activator is  lavender and bleach crème is white. 

Monday, 9 February 2015

L'Oreal Paris Skin Perfect Anti-Imperfections + Whitening Cream (with UV Filters) for Age 20+ Review

Price and quantity : Rs 325 for 50gm and  Rs 99 for 20gm
you can buy from my Blog sale

My view about L'Oreal Paris Skin Perfect Anti-Imperfections + Whitening Cream (with UV Filters) for Age 20+
this is available in transparent glass tub that is round and has gold screw cap. the packaging looks very good but the jar is bit bulky that may not be suitable for travelling purpose.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Asus ZenFone 5- The Perfect Budget Smartphone for Valentine’s Gift!

Hy Buddies,
I know the regular reviews may be too boring to read on the blog and thus today I have something really unique on this. This is something from my personal life that I would love to share with you all. The season of love is here- Valentine’s Day and how do we forget about the gifts? With this idea I thought to share the best gift that clicked my mind was Asus ZenFone 5. I have already bought this and planning to gift my mom this valentine. To buy this Valentine’s Day gift that obviously must be very special, as it’s for my mom! I goggled several online mobile shops and was totally confused among many. I specially want to gift mobile phone as a gift for this Valentine’s Day to my mom as she loves talking hours over the phone, listen music while travelling and clicking pics. thus I thought Valentine’s Day will be  a best time to show my love to her and get a smile on her face......let’s check some quick features, maybe even you get tempted to buy this!

Buy Asus Zenfone 5 A502CG from

Asus ZenFone has been getting awesome response in the market after it releases in India. It has series of smart phones apart from ZenFone 4 and ZenFone 6 and has come up with ZenFone 5. This has a very sturdy body and also metal casing around it. This cell phone is very easy to operate and fits very well in hand, as its just 10.34mm thick. This dimension makes it very easy to operate even with single hand. 

The  most used features of any cell phone on the special occasion is Camera, and thus keeping this in mind I decided to go with  ZenFone that obviously doesn't disappoint in this. This has 8.0 megapixels with auto-focus in the rear camera. Also this is good for my brother who is a selfie lover, as the front camera is 2.0 megapixels that will give him decent selfies. The best part is you can also enhance the pics with the help of default camera app that has 18 modes. 

I decide to go with ZenFone 5 for its budget and awesome look with best performance. I think this will surely be the best Smartphone this valentine for my mom as a gift. I have also bought this beautiful valentine themed mobile cover for Asus ZenFone that will surely add more effect to the gift.

Hope you loved reading my personal opinion on this phone. Do leave your feedback below and also don’t forget to let us know what you gifted you loved one this valentine’s day!

Saturday, 7 February 2015

L’Oreal Professionnel X-Tenso Care Straight Nutri-Reconstructor Shampoo Review

What L’Oreal Professionnel X-Tenso Care Straight Nutri-Reconstructor Shampoo claims:
Developed especially for the chemically treated hair, this L’Oreal Professionnel X-Tenso Shampoo keeps the excess oil at bay. The Pro-Keratin+ Incell technology rebuilds the hair fibre while the botanical extracts and amino acids mildly cleanse straightened or chemically treated hair. Eliminates excess dryness and adds extra volume.

  • Pro-Keratin technology helps in reconstructing the hair texture.
  • Moisture rich formula.
  • Botanical extracts keep hair intensely nourished

Directions to use:

  • wet hair and spread the shampoo.
  • Rinse thoroughly.
  •  Repeat if required. 
  • follow this with mask and conditioner.

Ingredients of L’Oreal Professionnel X-Tenso Care Straight Nutri-Reconstructor Shampoo :

My view about L’Oreal Professionnel X-Tenso Care Straight Nutri-Reconstructor Shampoo :

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Ethicare Epiclin Cleansing Lotion Review

What Ethicare Epiclin Cleansing Lotion claims:

-Epidermis cleanser

-Non foamy, No soap, Fragrance free, Color free,

-Gentle cleanser for dry sensitive skin

Price of Ethicare Epiclin Cleansing Lotion: Rs.139 for 125 ml.

Ingredients of Ethicare Epiclin Cleansing Lotion:

Cetyl alchohol – 2.65%

Steryl alchohol – 0.26%
My views about Ethicare Epiclin Cleansing Lotion:
This has a white cardboard outer packaging and comes in a white plastic bottle with flip cover. This ensures the hygiene of the product and also lets you take the required quantity without any wastage or spillage.

Monday, 2 February 2015

Oriflame THE ONE Matte Lipstick-Marry Maroon: Review, Swatch And LOTD

Price of Oriflame THE ONE Matte Lipstick-Marry Maroon:- INR 499

My view about Oriflame THE ONE Matte Lipstick-Marry Maroon:

This comes in a very normal type lipstick packaging, nothing that’s to hype about. The color of the plastic cylindrical tube is light lavender and isn’t too slim like the other range from Oriflame The One.

 The texture of the lipstick is semi-matte but is soft on the lips. This dosnt dry my lips and also is easy to apply. This is a typical Indian maroon shade with red undertones and will surely suit all Indian skin. The matte and velvety texture helps it to glide smoothly on the lips without any tugging.
This lipstick has a very strong fragrance which I really cant describe, but is bothering. The stay power of Oriflame THE ONE Matte Lipstick-Marry Maroon is of 5 hrs. This is nicely pigmented shade and adds an opaque hue in just a single swipe.
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