Monday, 16 February 2015


I am obsessed by getting clicked, especially after entering my little vanity world. Smart phone manufacturers have made this job even easier as we take pictures everywhere for mobile being so handy.  
Asus Zenfone 5 has some awesome settings on the camera that will help you take best photos. The features are just mind boggling. Thus, today I thought to discuss few tips to get best photos with Asus Zenfone 5

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1. When taking group shots use the "landscape" mode. This will also help to capture background. This view adds a better look to the pic when seen on a computer or TV.

2. Try to get the most clicks you can to make you photo clicking easier. You can select the best later and delete the others.

3. Start getting closer to fill your subjects in a portrait. This will help you get the most detail of facial features like freckling or a cute dimple.
4. Using digital zoom is not advised rather you can walk close to your subject.  . Digital zooms make your photos look sometimes blurry or more pixelated.

5. Don’t just keep the subject in the centre. Move left or right to get even more powerful and most beautiful pics.

6. Mobile photography needs proper light but not onboard flash. Make more use of natural light. For this you can take pictures when outside.

7. Shoot most pics just an hour before or after the sunset to get gorgeous light for your landscapes and the outdoor photography. This golden hour adds a fiery oranges and hues of reds. After sunset you can get blue hues with soft, subtle look to the pictures.

8. Maintain a steady position and never hold it at arm's length. Hold the phone with the both hands to get best photos.

9. When shooting a photos or even a videos, match height of your subject. To get best shots keep it at eye level.  

10. Your picture background must be very simple and not distract the eye. This feature helps to blur the background and get pleasing photo.

11. Switch off the 'Auto' mode that always turns on flash and hits all the fun in pic with loads of light. Learn the many camera modes in this phone to decide how the photo must look.

12. Candid shots like mine below are best way to rock. It’s always not mandatory to shoot pose that makes the expression forced, very unnatural and also predictable. 


13. You can edit and also share photos on social media sites with some best fun filters. So add retro, fun, classic, black and white, sepia, tones and effects to get the best look.

My verdict over Asus Zenfone 5:
These above tips have helped me get the best photos with Asus Zenfone 5. I am actually very impressed with Zenfone 5. The big screen helps to get most in the frame while taking photos with it. This is quite easy to use and pick the camera with ease. This obviously doesn’t have pixel density like iPhone 5S but the bigger screen is awesome for browsing the internet and also read blogs. This phone also has different camera settings that help to take images with   ease and edit them.
So, to summarize, I liked the Aus Zenfone 5 as good handy smartphone to shoot pictures just anywhere.

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