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Lakme Kajal Pencil Review & Swatch

Hello everyone,
Today I have review for “Lakme Kajal” in black shade. This was the most popularly used kajal before Lakme Eyeconic Kajal, Loreal KajalMagique Black or Maybelline Colossal Kajal entered into the market.  
Let’s check a quick review on Lakme Kajal 
Lakme Kajal Pencil Review & Swatch

What Lakme Kajal Pencil Claims?
·        Easy to sharpen
·        Has camphor and castor oil to cool and soothe the eyes.
·        Helps eyelashes grow longer.

Price of Lakme Kajal Pencil:
 Rs 59 for 2g

My Views about Lakme Kajal Pencil
I have always been big fan of jet black kajal, eyeliner or kohl. Hence this was the first kajal that I had purchased during my initial collage days. No this isn’t the same kajal pencil that I have kept in kitty for memories but one that was my aunt uses now. J
The packaging is a black thick pencil with transparent cap. You can also sharpen this fat pencil. The shade isn’t too intense or jet black, I wish it was! The consistency is little creamy that makes it easy for application on the eyelids and waterline. It doesn’t sting or cause irritation to my eyes.
The worst part is- this starts to fade in just few hours of application and also spreads around the eyes. 
Lakme Kajal Pencil Review & Swatch

Lakme Kajal Pencil Review & Swatch

Pros- Lakme Kajal Pencil
·        Ok Packaging
·        Travel Friendly
·        Kajal in pencil form
·        Ok Texture
·        Glides Easily
·        Black shade
·        Doesn’t irritate eyes

Cons- Lakme Kajal Pencil
·        Stay power is just an hour
·        Spreads around the eyes
·        Not jet black

Ratings: 1.5/5

Final Verdict For Lakme Kajal Pencil
There are many good kajal and kohl available in the market these days, so why someone would even choose this. Yes, its dirt cheaper than them but again if you are looking for quality and good result I would surely advise you to skip this one.
Makeup beginners can surely give this a try!!!

Do Leave Your Views On Lakme Kajal Pencil!

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