Sunday, 6 March 2016

Treasured Memories Are The Best Time Spent Together

“TIME” is something that I feel is the best gift that you can ever give to you loved ones. These make treasured memories spent with our dearest ones like mom, dad, spouse, siblings, neighbours, relatives, or your BFFs. These memories are the possessions for lifetime and the tangy moments are always are remembered and looked back with a smile.
smile Memories

I recollect my cute and naughty childhood memories when I was a spoiled kids and always had complains for my parent when they visited my school. The college memories remind me of sharing precious moments and talks with the newly made friends. We shared our joys and sorrows and the laughter, fun, learning; pain moments will always be remembered.

All my Memories are too precious..and treasured moments. I know the fact that the time will never return but be in the heart & mind forever.

I may have moved on my life, but still remember some people in the memories those made us laugh & cry. Meeting the old friends gets me nostalgic when some old memories are talked upon.
So do you think the things like gifts or money that we gave our family, special friends or any loved ones actually mattered more? NO! It was the well spent time along with them that created such lovely treasured memories & still makes the actual difference.
Who doesn’t love getting showered with gifts! I Do, but now more than these new shiny things that make me happy- is the care that my husband or my parents do to make me feel extra special. Momentary happiness is just for time being, while the genuine love from the loved ones matters at the end to most of us.

You need to give TIME to any relationship to make it memorable. I have happy memories since my parents gave enough time and love from their very hectic schedules. Even the memories of few friends remain dearer because of the love and gala time exchange. Then, the time when we feel in love and both spent enough time for love to flourish. Those lovely memories and most beautiful relationship today are the results of the time we spent on beautifully creating them.

We buy no lavish gifts for each other even on the special occasions like Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, etc but make sure to give them enough time for that special feel. We have been busy putting some things together and thus forget about the people we love to spend some quality time. But, it’s essential that we don’t miss to say it in words. We get caught up into the lives so much that we get no time to realize when we spoke to our parents or relatives last time and spent good time with them. We are making sure to get this rectified and don’t let the life pass by wasting the magical moments.

We are making sure to share the joy of every occasion with the people we love and care, which means the real happiness and make it fond memories!

Happy memories!

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