Monday, 7 March 2016

Cute And Silly Promises List For My Husband

 “Jaanu You Love Me No?” this cute and silly line makes my husband think about my new thought and demand.
wedding vows
Mr. Husband—I clearly can’t let you forgot that I’ve spent many listening your all new scripts, ideas and watching movies of your types. Let’s do it tit for tat this time and that’s the way you can make me feel as if I have a most romantic partner in my life. I know you have made it most of the time to do it in the very perfect ways like cooking, helping me in chorus, staying awake late nights....... but still there are few things that I had want you to promise and feel lucky about yourself. :-D

1.     Do chit chats while going to sleep and on bed.  

2.     Listen to my blogging things (do you remember, me doing that genuinely that many a times for your work?).

3.     Help in keeping the house and kitchen neat and clean.

4.     stop scolding my baby most of the times

5.     Notice my blog, haircut, nail polish, new outfit or anything that I do to let you know. It’s all my hard effort to look even more pretty just for your that go unnoticed many a times.

6.     Be connected to me throughout the day when you are at home and not to the WI-FI internet.

7.     Keep your ears on me! By that I mean -hear me properly and all my talks. I am not a robot talking alone.

8.     Don’t stop me from looking here and there while I walk. The street shopping mesmerizes me!!

9.     How about going on a dinner date or valentines date in a perfect outfit? Think about it! Love this      idea!

10.  Please surprise me with gifts... I know you never stop me from shopping but gifts are for    surprises!!

11.  Let’s buy stuffs for our home. I know that isn’t really important for you but a women loves to shop  for her house too!

12.  No more converting those Hindi songs in Marathi........ Please!! It irritates me a lot.

13.  Kiss me on my forehead everyday......

14.  Don’t argue.

So, that’s it for now! Can’t recollect of something more or even if I do, will surely keep adding here. I know you are just too perfect hubby but these promises will make the life more fun!  Hope you work on these petty things. 
Love you!!!

“I’m blogging about the kasams I want from my man this Women’s Day with the #SadaSexy activity at BlogAdda

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