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How to Wholesale Wedding Dress from China

China is the largest wedding dress wholesale center. Thousands of buyers come here to find a cooperative wedding dress factory every year. Such people are very familiar with the main export cities: Suzhou and Guangzhou. As the largest wedding dress wholesale market, Suzhou has its own charm that Guangzhou does not have: one is that the making craft of wedding dress of Suzhou is better; and there is no limitation of the minimum quantity in Suzhou which can greatly reduce the pressure of some medium-sized and small enterprises.
The followings are the tips to keep in mind when purchasing wedding dress in Suzhou.
How to Wholesale Wedding Dress from China

First of all, you need to know how to find the wedding dress factories in Suzhou. Generally, you have four ways to choose from.

1.     You can search the relevant information on google, using keywords such as “wedding dress factory in Suzhou”,”Suzhou Wedding Dress Manufacturers” and so on. When you get the information of the manufactures, you’d better search the evaluations about them to ensure they are not cheaters.
2.     You can also search information on Alibaba and Global Source. These platforms have a list of the factories and companies who supply the gowns. But most of them are trading companies which you should be alert. As for how to distinguish them, I will give you a specific introduction later.
3.     Attending exhibitions. You can have a direct conversation with the wedding dress manufactures in exhibition. Canton Fair and Hong Kong Fair are the largest fairs of China. But many wedding dress factories don’t participate the fairs, for the high cost. Of course, the factories attending the fair can at least prove that they are not cheaters.
4.     There is no more convenient way than to go to Suzhou and have a field visit. There are more than one thousand factories here with varied scale, and they can almost meet all the buyers’ requirements. In Huqiu(also called Tiger Hill) Wedding Dress Street, you can buy any wedding dress products with cheap price.

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How to Distinguish the Wedding Dress Foreign Trade Company and Factory

If you want to gain more profits, the best way is to cooperate with the manufactures directly. Finding a reliable wedding dress factory is not easy than you thought. There are numerous trading companies on Alibaba and Global Source; they do not want you (their potential customers) to contact with the factories yourself. 
Below tips will help find wedding dress factories as per your need.

1.     Check the name of their company. Most of Chinese companies’ names contain their business field. If you want to find a wedding dress manufacture, then their name maybe xxxx wedding dress factory or company.
2.     Check their website. If the pictures on the website are all embezzled from some famous designers, then this company probably is a trading company. Of course, some weak companies can also do this. But most factories show original pictures.
3.     See if they provide the location of their factory. If you are careful enough, you can observe that most trading companies don’t publish the specific location or even the telephone number. They usually put the email on it. But the factories provide their real address and the telephone number.

Which factory is the biggest in Suzhou?

There are more than one thousand wedding dress factories in Suzhou. But most of them are family-style and the environment is rather simple. They do not have any designers so their styles are mostly modeled after other designers. If you want to find a reliable and strong manufacture, Suzhou Jusere Wedding Dress Co., LTD. can be your first choice. Founded in 2002, Jusere has professional design team and formal workshop. It also has the largest exhibition hall of Suzhou for buyer choosing the satisfied wedding dresses. Jusere is the largest as well as the most representative manufacture. So if you plan to purchase high quality wedding dresses in Suzhou, please give priority to Jusere.

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