Friday, 1 April 2016

Fab Bag April 2016 Revealed: Its A Spring Time!

Happy April fool’s day all!
No this article is nothing to make you all fool. Even I had a thought in mind of getting fooled as soon as I received the Fab Bag courier box from the guy. But to the best surprise- there was actually a fab bag inside it. So glad to receive it on the 1st day of the month. Thank you team Fab Bag for sending it really soon.

Let’s check unboxing and review of April 2016 Fab Bag
Fab Bag April 2016
Yes! The bag is themed on spring and has a tagline- “Its A Spring Time!” Lets celebrating this spring together and make a statement with the beautiful textured pink bag.  
Fab Bag April 2016
 My Fab Bag april 2016 has:
·                   O3+ Skin Whitening Mask (Full Size Rs. 775 for 50gm)
·                   Catrice 020 Hey Macadamia Ahey Long Lasting Lip Pencil (Rs. 300)
·                   Fiesta Style Earring (Rs. 499)
·                   Rene Furterer Karite Intense Nourishing Mask  ( full size Rs. 2200 for 100ml)
·                   SoulTree Aloe & Rose Water With Skin Toning Licorice Cleanser (full size 295 INR for 120ml)
·                   Freshlook One Day Color Contact Lenses- green (Rs. 900 for 5 pair)

My views about Fab Bag april 2016

O3+ Skin Whitening Mask: I have received this in a sample size. This will suit any skin types to treat nay uneven skin tone, acne scars or sun tan. This is also useful to get bright and glowy looking skin.
Fab Bag April 2016

Catrice 020 Hey Macadamia Ahey Long Lasting Lip Pencil: This dark brown lip pencil is a lovely shade and will suit all Indian skin tone. It blends really well with the lipstick.
Fab Bag April 2016

Fiesta Style Earring: Star of this month’s fab bag. Loved this pretty golden earring that is sure to help you make statement.
Fab Bag April 2016

Rene Furterer Karite Intense Nourishing Mask: This nourishing mask is coated with precious quince pectin & aromas. Lathers really well and has a very  creamy texture to nourish  your hair deeply. 
Fab Bag April 2016

SoulTree Aloe & Rose Water With Skin Toning Licorice Cleanser: Very mild and gentle on skin. The most effective cleanser that helps you get rid of all dirt and grin on the face. 
Fab Bag April 2016

Freshlook One Day Color Contact Lenses- Green: I am so-so happy to receive this in my fab bag. This is a marriage season among our friends group and here comes the best thing to flaunt with my lovely outfit. Will surely try doing OOTD with this. 
Fab Bag April 2016

Final verdict for Fab Bag April 2016
Reveal your blooming spring side with this April Month’s Fab Bag. Look fresh and glowing this season with the awesome skincare, makeup and accessory in the bag.

Do comments below for Fab Bag April 2016!!!

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