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The Importance of Organ Donation

Organ Donation and Organ Transplants are a life saving gift to many people who are in need. While they get a new life, there are still thousands who are waiting for the organ donor. In the field of medicine, Organ Donation is considered a cure provided there are enough organs donated to help all needful. Unfortunately, many don’t get suitable donated organ & second chance for their life. The reason being, poor awareness for the Importance Of Organ Donation & Many Myths Related to it.
Thus, in this article we are making an attempt to highlight the importance of organ donation & also clear few myths for this essential life event.
The Importance of Organ Donation

What Is Organ Donation Or Organ Transplants?
Its biological tissue/ an organ donation of a human body done by either living/ dead person for a living person who needs transplantation.

Thinking the scenario about your body parts after you die? Forget all and remember you will be a live saver to someone and your generous decision can never go wrong.
The Importance of Organ Donation

Few Myths And Concerns Associated With Organ Donation Are Answered Below-
1. Myth: After My Organs Donation Hospital Staffs Don’t Work Hard To Save My Life.
Fact: doctors will always focus on saving your life and not else's.

2. Myth: I May Not Be Really Dead When They Actually Sign My Death Certificate.
Fact: many tests are done for organ donors at free of cost to their families to know if they are actually dead.

3. Myth: My Religion Doesn’t Allow Organ Donation.
Fact: most major religions allow Organ donation. But, if you feel unsure on donation, do consult your clergy member.

Myth: I Am Under 18 Years And Too Young For This Decision.
Fact: legally it’s true, but if you will- the parents can give authorization for this decision.

Myth: I Am Too Old And Think Nobody Will Need My Organs.
Fact: There is no cut-off age said for the organ donar.  

Myth: I Have Bad Health And Nobody Will Want My Organ.
Fact: there are few medical conditions that will disqualify for donating your organs. It’s all on the medical criteria.

Myth: Organ Is Allocated To Rich & Famous People On The Priority Basis.
Fact: when allocating organs Rich & famous people are not given on the priority basis. Celebrity & financial status isn’t considered while organ allotment.

Myth: There Are Charges To Donate My Organs.
Fact: no, the family of organ donor is never charged and all the organ removal cost goes in transplant recipient.
The Importance of Organ Donation

Why Organ Donation?
Hope, we made your facts very clear about being an organ donor. Thus, we want all to make a huge difference by organ donation after death. This will help in saving and improving multiple lives.
Our Society plays a very vital role in the transplant programs like brain dead transplants. The public awareness for this urgent need has to be increased regarding organ donation & also efforts have to be taken to scatter public concerns for the same. This can save couple of precious lives and recover the tragedy.  

The Importance of Organ Donation

For any further clarifications, information or signing for Organ Donation procedure, please feel free to contact: Manipal Hospitals

Hope This Article Is Successful In Spreading The Awareness For “The Importance Of Organ Donation”.

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