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Dry fruits and Their Benefits

Dry fruits and nuts are well known to maintain good health & have also been proven to be beneficial in getting rid of many diseases. They are packed with numerous essential nutrients. Consume them daily in the required quantity to fulfil proteins, dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals needs. Dry fruits and nuts are also best for your skin benefits that make it a beast reason to include in your daily diet. Let’s check some of their benefits listed below:

List of Dry fruits and Their Benefits

1. Cashew nuts
Dry fruits and Their Benefits
These have numerous health benefits like lowering your hypertension, control diabetes and keep heart diseases at bay. They are rich source of proteins and magnesium that helps in muscle strengthening. You can consume Cashew nuts raw or make its paste to apply over the face to get its skin benefits.  
Consume it raw, roasted or in salted form.  

2. Almonds
Dry fruits and Their Benefits
Who doesn’t know about the skin and health benefits of this super food?  This is high in monounsaturated fatty acids to protect your heart and excellent food for skin and brain. Almonds contain Vitamin E, potassium and magnesium to maintain blood pressure and regulate blood circulation.  Small amount of copper & manganese in almonds also add up to many health benefits like healthy digestive system, rejuvenatation of skin and also good hair growth.
You can either soak the almonds overnight to consume next morning, eat raw, use as garnish or make a paste for your skin

3. Pistachios
Dry fruits and Their Benefits
These help to maintain haemoglobin levels & fights signs of ageing for its high content of vitamin E. They maintain your eyesight & increases immunity. It has vitamin A & E known for anti-inflammatory properties to treat any minor inflammations.
Eat it Roasted or salted as handy snack. Also in fruit salads, garnish, ice creams, bakery or halwas make them even more delicious.

4. Walnuts
Dry fruits and Their Benefits
This is known as “powerhouse of nutrition”. Walnuts help you with good sleep by improving the sleeping pattern. They aid in losing weight with its essential nutrients & satiety value. Consume it with the skin for its Vitamin E gamma-tocopherol, monounsaturated fats &Omega-3 fatty acids content.
the Omega-3 fats in walnuts  strengthens skin  membranes, removes toxins, locks moisture & nutrients to keep your skin glowing  and supple, this also has  Vitamins B6,  E,  K, choline, thiamine, betaine & riboflavin for skin nourishment.
Eat them raw, in salad, desserts, breakfast cereal, gravies or in milk.

5. Raisins
Dry fruits and Their Benefits
These are high in sugar content to provide energy boost and lift mood. It is high in calcium to prevent osteoporosis & maintain bone health. The anti-bacterial properties in this fights with minor infections, prevents dental cavities & bad breath. It lowers cholesterol and thus is ideal for weight watchers. Good fibre content in raisins makes them best snack to improve your digestion.
Pop into your mouth or add in kheers, payasams, and biryanis to get rich flavors.

Apart from these dry fruits you can also gain many health and skin benefits from hazelnuts, figs, anjeer, badam, pine nuts, cranberries, ajwa dates, stuffed dates and other dryfruits. Find them all at

Dry fruits and Their Benefits
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What Dry fruits do you love to eat?

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