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Best Makeup Tips To Impress Your Boyfriend On This Newyear Party

New Year is a time for get together with friends, family, relative, kids, etc. Some also choose New Year's Eve Getaway to celebrate with loads of fun. But, don’t worry if you can’t plan a trip. Try to plan a local event or party.
Want to look special in the party? Want to To Impress Your  Boyfriend On This Newyear Party? Not to worry girl here are some few easy step by step tutorials for a girl to look hot and happening in a new year’s party!

Golden glow makeup!
 It is a golden eye shadow look it is a bit like a rosy gold and is done with pink lips! This is a fresh type of look for NewYear.
Best Makeup Tips To Impress Your  Boyfriend On This Newyear Party
·     Start with a primer use a lasting effect a shadow primer. Put on this primer to your eyelids by using a brush or your little finger apply it all over your eye area and pat it gently make sure that it goes up to your brows blend it underneath your eyes too.
·     Apply the primer who´s a bit shimmering!

To blend the eye shadows properly and not let them look separately use a same colour base under it as for this golden glow make up you must use a golden colour base.

·         After that apply a shimmering beige tone on your lid, up to your crease line, and soften the edges well by using all that glitters with a brush.

·         After setting up that apply a brown/golden shimmering tone in your crease line. Along the sides of your nose. 

·         Now to enhance your eyes use a darker brown eye shadow and then apply the eye shadow in your crease line, in the outer corner of your eyes, and to complete the eye look make a little wing at the end. Do not let the brown eye shadow go all the way down to your eyelashes. You just need to blend the color together with the beige shimmering one, so that you don’t find any hard edges. This makes your eyes look bigger and glow. After all this you may apply your eyeliner, and make a wing at the end. At the end apply your favorite mascara.

Now the turn comes of your face! As the name already tells you that the makeup is of golden glow then it would surely contain the gold color. Firstly you again have to apply the primer to avoid any patches to appear afterwards and also help your face glow. Then you may apply tour favorite foundation and blend it with a brush or fingers. Use a golden dust powder all over your cheeks to give a golden touch do not over do it! Just a touch of a brush would be enough. Now apply shimmering color rouge on your cheekbone note a bit on your chin and on the top of your lips!  Apply a light color shimmering lip gloss.
If you have enough time and planned in advance, you can do a mehndi designs on your hands to get that extra oomph! effect to your whole look.
And you are done with it

Red hot!
The New Year always brings up with bright new colours but for its welcoming you need to look hot! And red colour is the most suitable one to help you get the most New Year wishes! So here is a small tutorial for a red hot eye look for a New Year party!
Best Makeup Tips To Impress Your  Boyfriend On This Newyear Party

·         Start by applying an eye primer as a base to prevent creasing and budging of the eyeshadow. Now draw an outer wing at the outermost corner of the eye connecting the lower lash line to the brow bone area. Use a creamy kajal for this step as it will help in easy blending and smudging of the kajal later.

·         Now use a smudge brush or a pencil type brush to softly blend the kajal inwards towards the eye area. Use gentle strokes and do not pull your eye area. You can use the Colorbar smudge brush for this step. Now set the creamy kajal smudged with a matte black eyeshadow to prevent the creasing of the eyeshadow.

·     Now use a bright and vibrant red eyeshadow of your choice, try using one in satin, matte or shimmer finish. As we want that the eye makeup to be slightly soft, use a matte red eyeshadow. Now start by applying the eyeshadow all over your eye lid area. Apply it gently in small patting motions. Do not sweep or erase the color away as it will fade and decrease the color intensity. Try to pack the color all over your eye lid and letting the eye shadow within the crease area of the eye lid. 

·    To enhance your bold eyes apply a medium brown eyeshadow in matte state to the crease area of the eyes. This is the most important step in the whole eye makeup look! As it will help in create a soft mixture of colors from black to brown, thereby giving a soft Smokey look to the eye makeup.

Now you must take a blending brush and blend away all the applied eyeshades softly. You may use the tapered blending brush.

 Tip: Use short circular motions to fade the eyeshadows slowly to get a soft smokey look devoid of any harsh edges or lines.

·    Now for the outer corner of the eye take the same matte black eyeshadow used in the earlier step and apply it over the outer corner of the eye and also the crease area to define the eyes better and to give a neater look. If in case blending has resulted in fading of the red eyeshadow, do not panic you can once again pat the eyeshadow to the centre of the eye lid to make it appear vibrant and brighter.

·    Now to the lower lash apply the same black and red eye makeup using eye shadows used earlier but now to the lower lash line of your eyes. This will make a balanced look to your eye makeup. Then, line your waterline with your kajal to define the eyes better. Then, apply amount of mascara to complete the eye makeup look.
And you are done.

If you are not in the mood to look bold or don’t want to overdo with makeup and want a light or a natural looking make up for a small house party at friend’s place go on with this super easy natural look makeup.
Best Makeup Tips To Impress Your  Boyfriend On This Newyear Party

·         The first step is that you need to clean your face properly you can put on your scrub or face masks to do so and to remove off any previous makeup. For this you may also take a makeup remover or water on a cotton ball then dab or rub the cotton ball in small circles to remove old makeup. Then according to your skin type cleanse it, tone it and moisturize it with suitable products. If you have skin problems like spots/blackheads, exfoliate your skin with the exfoliating gel available in the market. Now after removing all the dirt moisturize your face. Using a small dab the size of a pea, gently rub in an unscented, make sure it is an oil free lotion otherwise it may make your make up look bad afterwards.

·         For a pure natural look, you can instead of using foundation, can use a tinted moisturizer. Tinted moisturizers blend well in than foundation so you must go for this if you wish to have more of the natural go! Also it goes on evening out your skin tone and they commonly contain SPF. Girls with clearer skin will look best using tinted moisturizer.

·         Now the turn comes to apply concealer around any blemishes and around your eyes. If you are applying your concealer before foundation it will help to keep foundation to a minimal amount. Do make sure that the color of the concealer is the exact same color as your skin. Always remember that when you apply the concealer, apply it directly on the spot and not around it. This is to avoid a halo effect and emphasis of the spot. You can also set it with the beige powder.

·         As this is the natural look makeup be careful not to overdo it on the concealer, you only need enough to cover the spot.

·         If you are using a foundation take your finger or a sponge dab in the foundation, and dab it on your face, now blend it until it looks like your skin tone always remember to go underneath your jaw line and do not stop on the edge of your face if you stop at the edge of your face, there will be a clear line where the foundation ends, making it look like you’re wearing a mask. If you have bags or dark circles or any discoloration under your eyes, make 3 dots on the line of the circles under your eyes. Blend it gently using your ring finger.
Now the makeup part comes. As you have done your base its turn to apply Bronzer .Bronzer is a great way to give yourself a natural glow. Just lightly brush bronzer all over your face or just along your cheekbones and T-Zone for a natural appearance. Sometimes, bronzer can look silly on people with pale skin if applied incorrectly. First, do practices at home with bronzer to see if it looks good instead going out directly be satisfied then only use it on before going out with it on. If you don't like the way it looks, you can skip this step.

·         You can apply Blush instead if you were not happy or comfortable with bronzer, you can apply blush instead. Crème blush generally better than powder one because it gives you a dewy and a shiny look and lasts longer. Note that you should not apply both blush and bronzer; choose one. As it would result in big disaster!

·         Just simply line your upper lash line with a brown, black or gray pencil. Some may prefer not to do this, as eyeliner looks a little less natural than an eye with just mascara it is totally up to you as just a line would not make a big difference. One another interesting way to line your eyes with a roasted-colored gel liner is a good way to look natural. Pencil liner looks less natural than liquid or gel liner as a gel liner is easier to blend. Line up two thirds of your top lash line and one third of your bottom lash line; smudge the line with a cotton bud or a thin brush.

·         Take white color eyeliner to make your eyes look larger; you can line the inside corners of your eyes with either white eyeliner or white eye shadow to give your eyes a brighter look. If you are not comfortable to do so, you can go on with just lining a thick line of white liner over your eye lids and smudge it will also give a very nice effect. Some of you should also try to add a bit of white eyeliner or shadow under the brow bone to make their eyes appear brighter and more awake.

·         Consider using eye shadow for a last touch. Always use two shades of eye shadow for a professional look. The colors you choose should be of golds family, browns or silvers, it wholly depend on your skin tone. Apply a only a light and neutral tone all over your lid and above your crease and the other color should be slightly darker to softly line the top lid and outline your crease. For a natural look, remember to blend the colors.

·         You can also curl your lashes and apply one layer of mascara. By curling your eyelashes will give you will get a bright and awake look. As you want to look naturally good buy an eyelash curler if you don’t have.

·         Now at last you may come to lips it is totally up to you if you don’t want to put anything than a lip balm go for it but if you want to give your lips a shade apply a sheer nude lip color or use a color that's close to your natural lip color then dab a tiny amount of the shimmering blush onto the center of your lips. A very little one is enough.

choose best hairstyle to suit your look.

And you are ready!

Hope you loved our simple makeup tips that you can use this New Year to flaunt your best look. Look gorgeous and ravishing this new year and let us know the experience below.

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