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Wrinkles have increasingly become a common problem today with many people seeking for ways through which they can get rid of them and enjoy a young looking face. Wrinkles are normally associated with aging and this can be stressful and especially among women.
We all want to look lovely and attractive but there is no doubt that the folding layer of skin of the face will rob you that and leave you looking a bit old. There are many ways to enjoy a wrinkle free face ranging from surgical to natural methods and the amazing fact is that you do not have to spend a lot of money to eliminate this problem especially those natural methods.

Natural tips for a wrinkle free face
Before talking about the natural methods that could help you enjoy a wrinkle-free face, it is good to first of all understand the causes of this problem. Apart from aging, there are other factors associated with this problem including environmental elements, inherited genetics, smoking, stress, weight loss and poor nutrition especially lack of iron and vitamin E. All these factors affect the suppleness and elasticity of the skin thus leading to wrinkle formation. Checkout list of calories in fruits and vegetables

How to get a wrinkle free face

Having understood the factors mentioned above, the best way to prevent or eradicate wrinkles from the face include the following:

Wear sunscreen and avoid sun exposure
UVB and UVA rays are harmful to the skin and will accelerate the process of aging resulting to wrinkle formation. To shield your skin from these elements, it is good to wear an anti-aging sunscreen thus protecting your skin from direct exposure to the sun especially when walking or spending much time under the sun.
Some sunscreen creams are available which you could use to amazingly protect yourself. Additionally, wearing a hat and light coloured clothes will help protect your face and skin thus helping make it wrinkle free.

Quit smoking
Research has shown that there is a close relationship between smoking and the process of skin aging and therefore if you are looking for a natural tip to wrinkle-free face, you will have to keep of the habit. Our outer skin layer has some blood vessels and these are affected by nicotine causing them to grow narrow thus affecting the efficiency of blood flow. This in return affects the amount of nutrients and oxygen circulated to the skin leading to dryness and wrinkling.

Avoid stress and enjoy quality sleep
Stress normally affects the production of collage leading to a weakened elasticity which results to wrinkles. Continuous stress makes the skin grow harder by the day thus making it hard for it to produce healthy collagen and repair itself. Wrinkle formation can be reversed through the increase of beta endorphins and reduction of cortical. It is important to sleep well always and do whatever it takes to avoid stress.

Using chemical peel
The application of chemical peels on the skin helps stimulate the production of collagen on the skin while exfoliating the thickened, sun-damaged skin surface to help it become firmer. Chemical peels contribute to skin resurfacing but it will be important to know that the chemicals do not work as an anti-aging treatment.
However, the use of the right chemical peels could help improve skin texture and tone. Research has shown that using these chemicals as per the requirements will help improve wrinkles and fine lines, rebuild collagen, improve on skin discolouration and get rid of blackheads.

It is always important to consult your dermatologist before using any of these products to determine your skin’s suitability and also assist in the choice of the right chemical. 


  1. Great tips dear.. living a stress free life will help a lot!!:)

  2. Great tips you've shared! I've been facing this issue from quite a long time and its really very annoying to look older than your age just because of these fine lines and wrinkles. Recently I've started using this Ecollagen Wrinkle Correcting Serum from Oriflame on my friend's recommendation and I can see visible results within a few days of its regular usage. But I would definitely try to follow the natural tips you've shared. I hope the combining right products with natural tips would work faster. Thanks!


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