Tuesday, 3 September 2013

This or That Tag!

I found these little tags on Google search and I am trying to play some fun mixing things up on the blog! I have to choose my preference out of two options, some are heavy tough! I shall tag all of you to do it too!


blush or bronzer- peachy pink
lip gloss or lipstick- matte
eye liner or mascara- both actually
foundation or concealer- I hardly use concealer
neutral or color eye shadow- simple and sweet!
pressed or loose eye shadows- easy application

brushes or sponges- I apply it wt ma hands actually :-;

OPI or china glaze- bold
Long or short- the demon is here!
Acrylic or natural-  aooooooou!
Brights or darks- brights are more important
Flower or no flower- love <3 nail art, too!


perfume or body splash- they are sexy
lotion or body butter – pimp me
body wash or soap- cleanser
lush or other bath company – the best, though I use the other ones


jeans or sweat pants- comfy
long sleeve or short- I am comfortable in them 
dresses or skirts- they can be teamed in many ways
stripes or plaid- makes me look tall
flip flops or sandals- heels 
scarves or hats- protects me
studs or dangly earrings- ethnic
necklaces or bracelets- suits me
heels or flats- taller taller me
cowboy boots or riding boots- <3 the look
jacket or hoodie- bold colors
forever 21 or charlotte russe 
abercombie or Hollister (none?)
saks 5th or nordstrom(dunno?)


curly or straight- professional, want to try perms
bun or ponytail- easy to do
bobby pins or butterfly clips (butterfly clips?!)
hair spray or gel- infact never used used
light or dark- Indian hair
side sweep bangs or full bangs- I look good in it
up or down (both!)


Rain or shine (100%!- romantic, the witness of my love)
Summer or winter- toooooo romantic
Fall or spring- the color everywhere
Chocolate or vanilla- I love the candles especially
East coast or west coast ( I love both!)- 

Just some info about me to you, enjoy the great day! XoXo

Do Share yours!

Image source: 1, Google images

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