Monday, 30 September 2013

Sesa Hair Fall Therapy Shampoo- Review

Fed up of hair fall? Me too! I think most of us are tired of the same reason. Hair fall can occur due to many reasons like pollution, disease, disorder, climate change, bad hair products, stress, pregnancy, etc. My mom has always used Sesa hair oil since years to treat her hair. Hence, this time I thought of giving a try to this product. Though this one is received as a PR sample, I will be very true to the review.

 Product Description of Sesa Hair Fall Therapy Shampoo:
SESA hair fall therapy shampoo contains vital combination of phyto ingredients and unique moisturizers which Contains Moisturizer which binds to the hair shaft, coats the hair and seals its surface. Lubricates the hair shaft and makes strands appear shiny. Gives Long Lasting moisturizing which helps to reduce split ends, increase elasticity and improve the condition of damaged hair.
 SESA hair fall therapy prevents the production of DHT (Di hydro testosterone) hormone on the scalp. DHT causes the hair follicle shaft to decrease in size. Thus helps to get rid of the problem of hair loss by increasing the anagen (growth) phase of hair follicles.
 Rich Natural Anti oxidants, Full in Minerals, Vitamins, powerful anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties fights against scalp disorders and heal damaged scalp and helps to clear infections.

My view about Sesa Hair Fall Therapy Shampoo:
The very first thing about the packaging of the product, can’t comment on this- since I have received sachets. Dunno whether this comes in a plastic or glass bottleL. The Sesa Hair Fall Therapy Shampoo sachet has a reddish brown packaging. The color of the shampoo is just like any other shampoo. Sesa Hair Fall Therapy Shampoo is not too thick not too runny, it’s just perfect as a shampoo. It has a mild ayurvedic fragrance that lingers for some time. Sesa Hair Fall Therapy Shampoo nicely clears all the dirt on the scalp, but oiled can be a little problem. You may try to wash your hair twice…I mean shampoo your hair twice to get rid of the oil on the hair. This defiantly reduces hairfall, in fact their entire product does. I can proudly claim this, since my mom is been using this product since long and loves the brand. This is also Dermatologically Tested and not allergic or harmful to the eyes. It contains many natural ingredients that makes it 100% organic and safe on hair. SESA hair fall therapy shampoo moisturizes and lubricates to give a shiny hair. They also can reduce split ends; provide you use this for a longer time. This can claimed to be anti-fungal and anti-bacterial that reduces scalp disorders and heals damaged scalp and clear Infections- I suffer from dandruff, but this has not proved to be beneficial to the case. So minus (-) point for this! This shampoo works best when applied with Sesa Hair Fall Therapy Hair Lotion- this is a hair fall treatment course that has to be carried for 90 days to get best results.

LIKES- Sesa Hair Fall Therapy Shampoo:
§ reduces hairfall
§ 100% natural
§ Mild scent
§ doesn’t dry your hair
§ gives hydration
§ Skin friendly
§ Travel friendly
§ pocket packaging
§ Easy availability, at any ayurvedic shop!

DISLIKE- Sesa Hair Fall Therapy Shampoo:
§ doesn’t treat dandruff problem

Price of Sesa Hair Fall Therapy Shampoo:
Don’t know

Yes, you can give it a try to reduce hairfall or use as a daily shampoo that is mild.


***This was a PR sample by from SESA brand of BAN LABS LTD. I am not compensated for writing and the review is 100% true and correct as per my experience. 

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