Thursday, 1 December 2016


Imagine that you decide to visit two friends at their homes. As you walk to the front door of the first home, you notice the messiness of the yard. The grass is brown and an inch too long. Spider webs form on the porch, which creaks as you walk up the steps. 

Once inside, you notice as you look at photos hanging on the wall that the paint is peeling off slowly. You’re thankful that your friend doesn’t make you take off your shoes because the wood floor looks dirty. Even though you have a pleasant visit with your friend, you are distracted by the disorderly and ugly state of her home. You don’t say anything to your friend because that would be rude.

Then, you visit your other friend for a nice chat. The yard of this friend’s house is immaculate. The bushes are trimmed. The grass is green and mowed. Poppies, daisies, and bluebells grow in soil plots lined up against the porch. 

Inside, an off-white color paint covers the walls. Frames filled with family photos are hung symmetrically. There are indoor plants in two corners near the entryway. A vase with yellow floors is on the coffee table in the adjoining living room. The house is spotlessly clean with no discernable odor. You enjoy your visit more with this friend because you are not constantly distracted by the state of their home. 

The first friend either does not try to keep their home beautiful, or certain circumstances prevent them from keeping up on maintenance for their home. Thus, anyone visiting is left with a negative impression. Not to mention, the net worth of the home would be little if they ever tried to sell it. 

The second friend does find ways to keep her home beautiful. Anyone visiting her home will notice its beauty. Its net value and immaculate state will make a more tempting target to home buyers if it ever goes on the market.

Overall, keeping a home beautiful means keeping up on maintenance, keeping the yard and inside of the house clean, and getting rid of any odors. Not only will people visiting your home be impressed, but it will also help maintain or increase the net worth of your home. It will be sellable in case you are ever in a situation where you need to sell your home. And if you're still struggling, why not just hire a home cleaning service (
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