Tuesday, 6 December 2016


My husband is chef and thus his love and hunt for new food never ends. This week while he came back after a long official tour, I could see some packets in his bag.
On taking them out, I noticed packets of very luxurious looking shiny black packets of gourmet snack. Well, they were variants of Terra Exotic Vegetable Chips.
·       TERRA Veg Chips Original
·       TERRA Mediterranean Chips
·       TERRA Blues, Sea Salt 
Terra Exotic Vegetable Chips

TERRA Chips are made of exotic vegetables that looked and sounded quite a healthy option to satisfy carve for my favorite potato chips. Couldn’t wait to try and see if my favorite potato chips had some real competition.
Terra Exotic Vegetable Chips

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All the 3 variants contain healthy real vegetables having exotic taste and rich colors. These chips are thick and have crunchy texture. Thus, you hear that Crunch… crunch...crunch… sound every time you munch them alone or with a dip. All of these chips variant are gluten free, delicious and addictive too!! This also makes it a very healthy snacking option.

Terra Veg Chips Original with sea salts are a little sweet and I thought it had sweetener but upon checking the ingredients list — there is nothing added. These Real vegetable chips contain- parsnip, taro, sweet potato, yuca & batata.
Terra Exotic Vegetable Chips

Terra Mediterranean Chips are made of Exotic root Vegetables and are very flavorful. The chips are so well seasoned and each chip has different textures. I loved the potent herbs aroma from the bag and the exotic flavors of these delicious chips!
Terra Exotic Vegetable Chips

Terra Blue Potato Chips are made out of natural blue potatoes that gives it a distinct blue-purple colour & nutty flavor. No food colors has been used to get the shade. These blue chips are cooked so well to get the best delicious taste and I prefer eating these with some colourful dip. There is a fine process used to prepare this chips that makes it 40% less fatty when compared to any normal potato chip. Also the distinctive nutty flavor adds extra richness and depth. The so neat bluish color chip and the touch of black packaging adds an aesthetic appeal.
Terra Exotic Vegetable Chips

Overall, I will highly recommend Terra Chips for its exotic taste and rich colors. This Gourmet snacking is quite healthy option to satisfy your chip carving.


Do try and let us know your views on Terra Exotic Vegetable Chips!!!

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