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Pregnancy Problems Common with Spine Disease

Pregnancy is surely the best time in any woman's life, while some can be in a big concern if they have been suffering from Spine Disease Or Ankylosing Spondylitis. The To-Be-Mother can have many questions in her mind like-
·        Will my back pain get even worse?
·        Will the disease cause any effects on joints or pelvic area?
·        Will this prevent me to push during my labor?
·        Will it anyhow affect my baby?
Pregnancy Problems Common with Spine Disease

 Spine Disease & Pregnancy Problems
Spine Disease doesn’t show any evidence of affecting fertility and baby’s health. While, symptoms affecting pregnancy & childbirth can differ from person to person.  Most women during pregnancy experience back pain at some point of time and also when the baby starts growing. While, the pain may get exaggerated in pregnant women with prior case of spinal problem.
Some back pain medications aren’t allowed to be consumed during pregnancy stage or while you are breastfeeding for its bad effects on the baby. Speak to your rheumatologist for proper spine treatment before conceiving to get the required changes done in the medicine regimen.

Pregnancy Problems Common with Spine Disease
Spine Disease & Labor
Women with Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS) can have many pregnancy problems in labor room, but can deliver normal healthy baby. There is always a question in any pregnant women’s mind about normal or C-Section. The truth is most pregnant women with spine problem can give natural or vaginal birth. C-section is advised in the severe case of this disease.

Coordinated With Doctors
Pregnancy for women with spine disease has to be planned properly and teamed well with rheumatologist, obstetrician & anesthesiologist for pregnancy tips and proper medication to ensure smooth delivery.  

Pregnancy Problems Common with Spine Disease
Spine Disease & Post Pregnancy Problems
Some women with spine disease also face post pregnancy problems like caring for their baby. They sometimes find it difficult to lift, bathe baby or carry the little one. In such postpartum case third-person must be appointed to take care well.  

Spine Disease Treatment & Pregnancy Tips
·        Spondylitis treatment has to be modified well during the pregnancy stage for spine care.
·        Avoid NSAIDS
·        Maintain active exercise regime during pregnancy
·        Walk, biking & swimming must be encouraged.
*** All Must Be Done Under The Supervision Of Doctor. Visit Manipal Hospitals for more info.

Stay Strong! Happy Pregnancy!!!

Hope this article gave enough knowledge about “Pregnancy Problems Common With Spine Disease”. Do leave you comments below!!

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