Sunday, 24 July 2016

My Baby’s Colgate Magical Sea World Story

Until now, my 2 year-old baby, Mishti was I can call would be an enthusiast paper tear-er.  Sure, she loved looking at the pictures and colours in the books but absolutely hated to listen quietly when I would read to her. Her enthusiasm to listen was lukewarm and was a big struggle on my part to somehow make her sit with a book quietly.
My struggle to make her a good story listener was becoming a battle. Her learning level was awesome, but interest to sit and listen was too low and thus I stopped buying anymore story books. I bought her some very basic small books of alphabets, animals and shapes that had laminated pages. Even this couldn’t keep her assigned and she got bored after few days on looking at the same pictures again and again!
Colagte Magical Sea World Story

 Now what? It was a good time to add something in action. Colgate toothpaste got some fun and innovative way of storytelling which my baby could play and learn on her own. Their innovative packets have treasures hidden that stimulate children to flaunt their imagination. I have Magical Sea World in 4 sets:
·        Pirate Hunt
·        Treasure Hunt
·        Pirate Ship
·        Coral Reef
Colagte Magical Sea World Story

She was already so fascinated with the colourful pictures but didn’t know what to do. I helped her to make the creatures and gave them 3D effect by cutting and fixing it to the base as suggested. Voila!!! The fascinating sea world creatures looked so exotic. She loved all the underwater fishes and mermaid became her favourite.
Of course, she is too small to weave some stories around these characters but while I started with my little stories around them- she was interested and captured. Within few minutes she got hooked-Honestly! We met all the magical sea world creatures (Pirate, Shark, Whale, black stingy Ray, cute Dolphins...)!
This was tickling her curiosity to know more about what happened with them, how and who are they? I love my little ones all surprising expressions while I narrated her story and she also adds imaginative points for #colgatemagicalstories with the characters of Magical Sea World.
Colagte Magical Sea World Story
It was worth a try!

I hardly know to tell a very sugar-coated story and I agree being bad at it. But, somehow I manage and she loves it! My father and husband do awesome Story telling in a very creative way that is also full of expressions.

My Magical Sea World story-
Long ago there was a cute and beautiful princess just like my baby. She lived with her father in a sparkling deep blue sea. Being pretty she was kind and full of life.  Her best friends were the sea creatures with whom she would roam around in the sea and have even fun exploring it.
But, one day the dolphin was in danger for being caught. The seas horse went swimming quickly to the mermaid and informed her about this. What did she see? It was the pirate ship pulling him. She called the huge shark to help her and reuse the dolphin. He quickly shook his giant tail and hit the ship. One of the pirates got hit badly and ran with his team leaving the poor dolphin.  
The moral of the story: UNITY IS STRENGTH

Do share your story with the children and also let us know the feedback on “My Baby’s Magical Sea World Story”!!

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