Monday, 13 July 2015

Health And Beauty Benefits With Dabur Honey

Honey....Honey....Honey.... Oh! How sweet is the word! But apart from just being shoo sweet, it’s also filled with many essential health benefits. In India, among the all other brands for honey we trust “Dabur Honey” for its goodness.

Honey is used in daily diet to sweeten tea, milkshakes, in recipes or just plain — it's quite versatile. Honey is also added in many beauty and wellness products to avail its benefits. It’s useful as a moisturizer, antibacterial properties, acne spot reduction, etc.
 Intake of Honey diet with balanced healthy diet aid in controlling weight, maintaining good mood, combats many ailments, boost in energy and give you a long life. While, crash diet takes off all fats that enter your system (good &bad) causing fat deficiency, low blood sugar level, speed in the Insulin production that stores fat. Thus, people who starve quickly regain their lost weight. Thus, it’s vital that you focus on consuming right fats and sweetening agents unlike eating low fats and sweets.

I personally use honey for 2 main reasons:
·        To treat spot from pimples.
·        Treat asthma

1. To treat spot from pimples: I use it in many face masks to treat spot for acne/zits. This easily available product at any local shop doesn’t dry out the skin while treating those zits. I use honey with:
·        Lemon: mix lemon and honey together for healthy glowing that will also leave you feeling soft & smooth. Take 2 teaspoons each, mix well, let it stay for 20 min; after which I go for hot shower that helps to open up the pores. Do this once a week for best results.
·        Aspirin:  annoying zits? Don’t worry! Just crush 3 uncoated aspirin, tsp water and honey and mix. Steam the face and apply the mask by leaving it on for 12 minutes. Now Rinse using warm water & then cold water.
·        Cinnamon: mixing this with honey helps in spot treatment. Add 1/4 tsp cinnamon to 1/ 4 teaspoon honey and mix well to form a paste. Apply on zits and leave for 20 minutes.  

*** Few exceptions
Honey helps to get rid of bacteria in the pimples. But if the acne gets worse by situation like hormone, medications or even diet, honey will surely not help in this case. It adds a soothing effect on the breakouts and also helps to improve the complexion.

2. Asthma treatment:  I am an asthmatic patient and the case gets worse in the winter season or few situations like cough, colds, etc. But, I have my own “nuskha” to help keep the attack at bay and also treat it to some extent.  

Honey and cinnamon an awesome home remedy works really well for my asthmatic symptoms. I just Mix a teaspoon honey with ½ tsp  cinnamon powder to take this concoction before sleeping at night and also in the morning while I wake up. This surely doesn’t give instant relief but constant dosage gives a very effective treatment.

Hope you liked reading my ways to use Honey in the diet. Along with the tips mentioned above, please make sure to add at least 15 minutes workout everyday and take proper nutritional diet. Join #HoneyDietIsHere by Dabur Honey to reap the best benefits.

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