Thursday, 9 July 2015

My Baby’s First Love for Massage Oil

From the 15th day we started massages for my lil’ one “Mishti” and unlike other babies she actually enjoyed it to the core. She smiled and played happily while maalishwali gave her a good massage. In fact, even while she cried.. anyone of us would just give her a massage and she used to love it. She is a year old now and I still massage her using combination of oils.  
Just read the contest from blogadda today, #Firstlove With Dabur Massage Oil With Olive And Almonds.  I decided to participate in this activity to let the world know about the goodness of massage with oil, “My views”

I have recently come across the most trusted brands among Indian “Dabur” that has come up with new massage oil for the babies. This is very well developed for the baby’s delicate skin and has no harmful parabens &paraffins.  It’s also filled with goodness of the olive and almond oil.

My Baby’s First Love for Massage Oil

Benefits Of Olive Oil For Massage
·        Promotes healthy bone and muscle development
·        Development of motor skills.
·        Soft and supple skin
·        Massage with this helps o ease constipation
·        Treats diaper rashes

Benefits Of Almond Oil For Massage:
·        Maintains healthy skin.
·        Keeps your baby’s skin soft
·        Soothe the tired limbs
·        Lowers  indigestion
·        No dryness like rashes.
·        Nourishes skin
·        Soothes their tired muscles
·        Relaxes the baby

Thus, Regular use of this oil nourishes your baby’s skin, helps in fast development of baby’s muscle, enhancement in bone formation. This is quite soft on the tender baby’s skin and has light fragrance.

How My Baby Is Benefited From Massage
·        Form of exercise
·        Helps digestion
·        Controls gas formation.
·        Relaxation way for the infants.
·        Boosts immune system.
·        Stimulates the blood circulation
·        Development of resistance power
·        Helps in maintaining body temperature.

Tips To Choose The Oil For Your Baby's Massage:
·        Consult your doctor.
·        Avoid oils meant for the adult massage.
·        They must not have strong smell
·        If you fine they are allergic to any oil. Stop immediately.
·        Don’t keep changing the oil very frequently.
·        Massage oil must not have minerals or mineral oils.

My Personal Views About Baby Massage With Oil:
Do massage the baby till the age of two. You can appoint an experienced maid at the initial stage and then learn to do it yourself. Doing massage to your baby on the own develops a good bond and also makes tem feel the touch & warmth.
My Baby’s First Love for Massage Oil

Do share your baby’s oil massage experiences below: D

***“I am participating in the #FirstLove activity at BlogAdda in association with Dabur".

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