Friday, 7 October 2016

10 Things I Love About My Quirky Best Friend

Mr. Bele (My Best Friend, Soulmate & Husband) and I have limitless excuses to love each other and fight as well. Take it or leave, but that’s the way we are!!!
We have successfully completed 14 years of knowing each other so well. And to make the friendship even special here is small list things to let him know I love about him.

1. We met 14 years ago in college and trust me this guy was never of my type. The hell Weirdo, quirky and shabby sort of a guy I’d ever met in my life. He would wipe his sweaty face using other’s hanky, climbed tress like a monkey, laughed out loud on the girl’s moustache. Isn’t that quite enough to make an impression?
10 Things I Love About My Quirky Best Friend

2. My family and friends have kept me asking to change the wired-LOL ringtone and message tone that I get every time when he texts or calls me. But I love to keep a quirky ringtone that’s quite special to my guy. This actually annoys a lot of people around me, but the moment I hear this ringing on my Oneplus One, there’s a naughty blush I have. It has always reminded me of him laughing in same weird manner.

3. I was a nerd and loved to write. Mr. Bele is a guy who hates to study and gave me all his classwork to complete. Being a best friend I would do that too!

4. He loves to research, read and watch ghost stories & movies. Me- so poor little girl who is damn scarred of spooky things, keep all those nicely stuffed and packed in the bed box. Hope he gets the message for my beating heart.
10 Things I Love About My Quirky Best Friend

5. 29 January 2010, I became Mr. Bele’s wife with the consent of our parents.  He was already the man of my dreams and I always wanted to share my entire life with this shabby man.

6. Rajnikant is his favorite actor ever – for the style. His fascination for Rajnikant’s style and the way to flip goggle still exists. He has even done that clearly many a times, but never made it in front of me, though a bingo for that.
10 Things I Love About My Quirky Best Friend

7. He can be in casuals for 365 days and hate wearing formals. For Mr. Bele (Supreme- His real name), going to work with formal is like a punishment and attending formal events in suit is like being a prisoner. I wish my man could be well dressed at least for some special days, But I secretly love the way he is!

8. His hilarious and quirky dance steps have made him a popular among his friends and colleagues. Groovy dance and the killer expressions…Aww I die for!
10 Things I Love About My Quirky Best Friend

9. My brother and me call him an encyclopedia and never try to argue on the topic. We know…we won’t ever win.

10. His blushing smile, naughty expressions and love for me makes all my female friends so envy of me. Love you for that!! 
10 Things I Love About My Quirky Best Friend

These were very few things about our so lovable relationship and strong bond that we share. Hope this reminds you of our friendship days and is enough to show my love for you.

Love You,

My Best Friend-Husband

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