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Learn About the Significance of a Saree for Women

Saree is an integral part of a women’s wardrobe. There are different regions in the country and each region has its own specialty. A good wardrobe should have sarees from different regions of India. A fine blend of plain, single-colored saris, multi-colored and rich border sarees with elegant jewellery look best on any occasion.
In this article, we will learn about the importance of sarees.
 Significance of a Saree for Women
Different types of sarees
Sarees of Gujarat, Kerala, Rajasthan, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh are very famous among women. Each and every woman love to have this saree in their wardrobe. One interesting fact about these sarees is that they are dyed instead of being weaved.

Saris from West India
 Significance of a Saree for Women
Bandhani is the most popular variety of saree worn by women of West India. These sarees are crafted by dyeing the cloth to create small colourful spots and elaborate patterns spread all over the fabric.

Saris from North India
 Significance of a Saree for Women
Benaras Brocade is the common and most beautiful silk wedding saree worn by North Indians. These sarees are in huge craze and demand all over the world. It is the best blend of elegance and fashion.

Saris from South India
 Significance of a Saree for Women
When it comes to south Indian sarees, you cannot miss Kanjeevwaram, Mysore Silk and Crepe silk sarees. These are pure silk sarees made by using gold dipped silver thread. These sarees are commonly worn by women of Tamil Nadu region.
If you are looking for a saree for a traditional and auspicious occasion, then Kanjeevwaram sarees would be the perfect choice for you. Though these sarees are a bit costly, their beauty, richness, class and elegance is worth spending.

Saris from East India
 Significance of a Saree for Women
Baluchari Sarees and Valkalam Sarees are worn by Bengali women. These sarees are five yards long and 42 inches wide. Some of the common colors available in this saree are flame red, purple and deep blue. The entire sari is covered with tiny butis and a lovely floral design that runs across its borders.

Relevance of saree
Saree is treated as the best wear for brides even in case of poor people. This is a custom followed in India since ages that after the marriage of a girl she inculcates a habit of wearing saree at her in-laws place. Saree is thus the most preferred attire for a married woman. To whichever corner of the country you go, you would find women cladded and beautifully wrapped in sarees.
With time, sarees have become modern and stylish. Not just women but also young girls are fond of sarees. From the traditional look to a fashionable look with latest designer blouses for sarees, different types of sarees are available in the retail stores. Depending on the age, type of occasion, etc. one can get an exclusive range of sarees at online saree stores.

Looking at the importance of sarees, whether it is a traditional occasion or an official function, saree is the most prestigious and elegant attire that every woman loves to wear. 

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