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6 Rangoli Designs and Their Types

India is multi religion country with many rituals being followed of marriages, festivals and special occasion. There are many auspicious rituals done in such occasions like lighting diyas in diwali, playing with colours in holi, decorating house with light & flowers, making rangoli, etc.  Rangoli designs and patterns are considered a folk art of India. They are beautifully made on the front door, floor, courtyards, near pooja room to welcome deities & guests.
Rangoli making is thought to be auspicious & lucky for one’s family and home. This is known by different names such as alpana in west, Bengal kolam in Tamilnadu, chowk pujan in Bihar & M. P.

Let’s Discuss About Rangoli Designs and Their Types

Rangoli with Dots
In this type of Rangoli, the designs are made with the help of equal lined dots. These dots are then joined to make different patterns or shapes such as floral,   square, circle, etc. Then they are filled with alluring colours to enhance the design. 

6 Rangoli Designs and Their Types

Free Hand Rangoli
This is the very common type of Rangoli that are usually seen in every Indian home for any auspicious occasion. These are filled with awesome colour combination and also know by the name of “ever green Rangoli”.
6 Rangoli Designs and Their Types

“Chowk purn” type is considered oldest Rangoli form in India that is even made these days on many special occasions to welcome guest. You can widely see them on the festivals such as Gangour, Satyanarayan katha, Chhath puja, etc.  The paste is prepared from wheat flour, vermilion & turmeric which are considered auspicious to please any god or goddess.
6 Rangoli Designs and Their Types

Floral Rangoli
 This the modern type of Rangoli that’s made with the help of pretty flower petals at the house front door. This looks quite eye pleasing and the enchanting aroma of flowers such rose, shoe flower, marigold & lotus please everyone. You can get to see this During Onam festival of Kerala, and this rangoli form is known “Onam Pookalam”.
6 Rangoli Designs and Their Types

 Alpana is made by paste of grinned rice and just three fingers are used to make the design. It’s popular in Bengal and especially on the Durga pooja or Diwali occasion to please the goddess.
6 Rangoli Designs and Their Types

Sanskar Rangoli
This type of Rangoli has many circles, while each of them representing various Sanskar of the life.
6 Rangoli Designs and Their Types

Please Discuss If You Know Any Other Rangoli Designs And Their Types!!!

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