Monday, 1 February 2016

Love Is ... Laughing Together

VALENTINE'S DAY is fast approaching and thinking over the ways to celebrate is making me crazy!!!!!!! Love is in the Air!!!
A little over six years back, we Valentines got hitched together with many strict permission from parents over our love. Though all things weren’t like candies at the beginning, we managed to work the swoon together that came in the initial year. For this Valentines, I would love to share few of our beautiful smiling moments that made our relation even stronger. 

The moment when he just can’t get enough of talking.
We fight sometimes..he cracks a joke ...I smile and we laugh together.
It's all about our friendship that makes the chemistry even best.

Bro behind camera cracks a joke to capture this laugh. The most romantic and subtle love laugh.
My guy hardly brings me roses or takes me for a romantic meal, but many  chocolates for sure!
 He is the PERFECT man for me and I can't deny. He completes me.

Blurred smile, but we actually laughed behind the camera (some cute and silly joke again** LOL)
We have played pranks, cracked jokes, did silly things together, Spoken silly pasts, struggled, sinned together, loved each one’s families, wasted many days just dreaming about our future, cooked together, did studies with each other, travelled many places, comforted,  danced and also  respected each other....
 The navigation of highs and lows have always been there, but we made it easily.

(Our first selfie in the year 2011) only we two to make this moment memorable. We have grown up in love together playing cricket, teasing, flirting, calling on landlines, borrowing, studying...
 From the age of 21 to 27 now (my age confession..)

Rains have always been the witness of our love.
The support for each other during some struggling times, building careers, financial crises got us even more closer. 
Loved every minute we've lived together till date and promise to be the same. LOVE YOU my “soul mate”!!

Rose raps and my dream love. Celebrating Cupid's day.
We have laughed and cried together at each step to help another shake off if any bad . . .
Together- cried sometimes, laughed more often, bickered even more & kept smiling the most.

Here’s our first love... our lil angel!!! This cupid has made our relation even stronger and this has no end our love.

Cheering for each other now and the coming Valentines forever.
 It’s just the beginning of our “LOVE”!


Love you, readers!!

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