Friday, 26 February 2016

Affimity: Social Blogging Platform

We keep using social network sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram, etc... etc...etc. I surely can’t live a day without checking these and why not? - It’s something that is part of my blogging work.
Today I have a post to introduce a new social media site- that is becoming bloggers best friend.  As there are numerous social media networks, what’s new about this one? But What if I tell you, this new network is specially targeted at the bloggers community? Yes, you heard that right!  All bloggers are surely rushing to this site before even reading my post below! :-D  
Affimity: Social Blogging Platform

About Affimity:-
Affimity is Silicon Valley Start up having offices in Santa Clara, Bay Area and Bangalore.
This next-gen social network has channels that are based on single interest and helps you be friend with people of similar interest.  The feeds have meaningful topics which help you connect with any random people, friends or acquaintances with similar interest. Thus, it ensures that you are friends with the most likeminded people that share same interests/ passions like you do. Also it declutters your newsfeed with many unnecessary posts and always be informed about the things that interest you.
So bloggers you need not have friends or follows sharing irrelevant stuffs that don’t interest you.  At Affimity, making friends just because you know them is not the rule.  In fact, you only connect with people since you both share common interest to maintain real conversations. 
Affimity Social Blogging Platform

How to use Affimity:-
·        Signup/ login to this site
·        Fill up your profile details
·        Go to channel guide. Choose yours from lists like Food, TV Shows, Movies, Celebs, Music, Book Club, Beauty, Parenting, Fitness, Fashion Gaming, Working Moms, etc as per  your interest
·        Any number of these channels can be selected to get relevant feeds.
·        You can also upload your blog post, ask a question, take a poll, upload image or video on your selected channel.
·        Follow friends or random people who share the same passion or interests.
·        You can also share you most loved posts on other social medias like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & email.
·        While, this site also has mobile app to remain connected through your mobile.
Affimity: Social Blogging Platform

Download your Android App  & IOS App 

Affimity is surely becoming bloggers favourite for its relevant information. Its Social Blogging- social hangouts-social sharing platform where you can lap up your posts or interact with other fellow and support each other.  And yes!
·        There’s no messy HTML issues.
·        Post promotion for free.

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