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Lifezen Eye Spa Eye Drops: Review

Holla All,
Hope you had awesome New Year celebration. I was all alone and thus no celebration for me! Anyways!!!
I wanted to start my new year with some real good product and here come the 1st product review of the year 2016... It’s an eye drop that is helping me these days to get rid of my tired, puffy and itchy eyes.
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Lifezen Eye Spa Eye Drops: Review

 What Lifezen Eye Spa Eye Drops claims?
·        Eye Spa, an Effective solution for: Dry, Tired and Stressed Eyes.
·        Caused by: Constantly watching computer, tablet, mobile or TV Screens and Excessive exposure to air - conditioned environment or dry, dusty & windy climate.
·        Eye Lubricant, the ultimate 2 drop, 2 min handy spa, for your tired eyes. Working those long hours in front of computer screen, riding those long distances, are bound to get your eyes tired and stressed. Eye Spa hydrates, calms your tired, dry and stressed eyes by restoring the moisture balance of your eyes.
·        Eye Spa offers a handy solution to all common day to day eye problems like dryness, irritation, etc and helps rejuvenate your eyes, leading to sharper focus, and better work performance.
·        Eye Spa is a cool, contemporary and friendly companion for any professional, as it provides an instant solution anywhere, anytime. And you can use it as many times as required during the day. +
Cools, Hydrates, Refreshes

Lifezen Eye Spa Eye Drops: Review

Price of Lifezen Eye Spa Eye Drops

Ingredient list
Carboxymethylcellulose Sodium 0.5%, Stabilized Oxychloro Complex (As Preservative) 0.0075% and Purified Water
Lifezen Eye Spa Eye Drops: Review

How to use Lifezen Eye Spa Eye Drops
·        Use 1 to 2 drops each in the eyes
·        Keep the eye lids closed for about 2 minutes

Shelf life of Lifezen Eye Spa Eye Drops
2 years

My views about Lifezen Eye Spa Eye Drops
This eye drop comes in a white plastic 10ml vial and the product is in the liquid form. This Sterile eye drop actually has helped me to relax and refresh my tired, dry and itchy eyes that I get from the continuous exposure with the usage of longer duration of laptop and mobile. The feeling of dry eyes has significantly reduced that happened due to exposure of winter wind.
This lubricates my eyes naturally and does a good job to provide long lasting relief from all eye strain. It’s completely safe and very gentle to use. Thus, even contact lens users can this.

Some bad start of the day I wake up & look in the mirror- alas! What’s on that fresh looking face? Puffy eyes! It’s surely not a “good morning”, especially when you are a beauty blogger. I was in a search of something that also treats my puffy eyes. We all hate those puffy eyes that tend to ruin even the best eye makeup applied. While there are many causes of Puffy eyes like crying, sleepless nights, allergy or any physical irritation they certainly ruin the looks. What’s helping me get rid of this problem? The answer is “Lifezen Eye Spa Eye Drops
Sometimes beauty products, especially eye makeup make me suffer from irritation in the eyes. I of course make sure to use the best quality cosmetic products but sometimes nothing works. There are many ways to stay a far from this eye irritation problem like: cleaning the brushes regularly, no mascara with fibres, removing eye makeup with care. One recent thing I have learnt is to use  eye drops 30 minutes before make-up application to get rid of that sensitive eyes.

Lifezen Eye Spa Eye Drops: Review

Final verdict for Lifezen Eye Spa Eye Drops

If you are suffering from Puffy, dry & Strained Eyes, this eye drop is defiantly a must buy! It’s ideal for both men and women to relax dry, strained or irritated eyes. 

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