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SESA Hair Oil- New Herbal processed by kshir pak vidhi: Review

What SESA Hair Oil- New Herbal claims?
SESA is a rare combination of 18 herbs, 5 nourishing oil & milk processed with ancient “Kshirpak Vidhi” which helps to remove infections & gives nourishment to scalp & roots.

SESA Hair Oil- New Herbal processed by kshir pak vidhi: Review

What is Ksheer Pak?
Ksheer=milk and Kshir pak vidhi is boiling of the medicinal herbs in milk.

Ingredients of SESA Hair Oil- New Herbal:
Trailing Eclipta Eclipta Alba Whole Plant, Indian Pennywort Centella Asiatica Whole Plant ,Jasmine Jasminum Officinale Leaves, Indian Licorice (Jequirity) Abrus Precatorius Seed, Indian Datura (White Thorn Apple) Datura Metel Panchang, Cardamom Elettaria Cardamomum Fruit ,True Indigo Indigofera Tinctoria Leave ,Colocynth Citrullus Colocynthis Fruit, Indian Valerian Valeriana Wallichi Root, Pongamia Pongamia Pinnata Seed, Neem (Margosa Tree) Azadirachta Indica Seed, Henna Lawsonia Alba Leaves, Mandur Ferriper Oxidumrubrum Mineral, Trifala Emblica Offcinalis, Terminalia Bellirica & Terminalia Chebula Fruit Pericarp, Deodar Cedrus Deodara Stem/Resin Oil, Pellitory Roots Anacyclus Pyrethrum Root, Cuscus Grass Vetiveria Zizanioides Whole Plant, Liquorice Glycyrrhiza Glabra Root, Milk, Wheat Germ Oil Triticum Aestivum Seed Oil,  Nilibhrungandi Oil Prepared Oil, Sesame Oil Sesamum Indicum Seed Oil, Lemon Oil Citrus Medica Fruit Rind Oil, Coconut Oil Cocos Nucifera Oil, Quinazarine Green  Powder, fragrance oil.
SESA Hair Oil- New Herbal processed by kshir pak vidhi: Review

Uses of SESA Hair Oil- New Herbal
·         Treat Hair problems
·         Cure Premature greying of hair
·         Hair fall
·         Dandruff
·         Scalp infection
·         Dryness
·         Roughness
·         Baldness
·         Split ends
·         Thicken and strength hair

How to use:
Gently massage with this oil onto your scalp till it gets properly absorbed for 2 times day. Make sure you use it regularly for some months. Combine with Sesa Capsules for best results.

My views about SESA Hair Oil- New Herbal:
The oil comes in a plastic bottle with round cap, I bought sachet to try first! This has quite strong herbal smell that lingers for sometime after the use. The oil has thick texture that needs a little extra shampoo to wash off the oil.  This made my hair superb soft, smooth and even shiny. The product is herbal and natural that gives best results.  This oil surely helps to reduce hairfall to some extent with regular usage.

Pros of SESA Hair Oil- New Herbal:
·         Easily Available in local shops
·         Makes your  hair soft and smooth
·         Contains herbs to treat hair problems
·         No chemicals
·         Reduces hairfall

Cons of SESA Hair Oil- New Herbal:
·         Strong smell
·         Thick texture

Ratings: 3.5/5

Final verdict for SESA Hair Oil- New Herbal:
Give a try to this quite reputed ayurvedic brand oil to get rid of many hair problems. I am sure you won’t have to regret!

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