Saturday, 3 January 2015

Easy Rosy Pink Ombre Lips Tutorial

Ombre look is a popular tend that can fit well in clothes, hairstyle, nails and lips. Thus, I have tried doing ombre look on my lips. This looks nice, sexy and glamorous.
You can just follow this rosy pink ombre lips tutorial given below to do it the easiest way. You can also try this with different shades to create a personal look for yourself. This will surely help you create a stunning look with this ombre lips trend.
Ombre lips also looks fantastic when you have your lips covered with fresh coral, baby pink or some bold red lipsticks. These shades are the best to play with to get the best gorgeous look. Make sure to keep your rest makeup very very simple. You can select some light blush, a layer of mascara and very neutral eye shade.
The best things about ombre lips makeup is it helps your lips get the illusion to be plump and make them look full. This can be a great for the thin lips beauty.

Products used:
·        Darkest- Oriflame The ONE Colour Unlimited Lipstick - Fuchsia Excess
·        Mid- Oriflame The One Colour Unlimited Lipstick,Pink Unlimited
·        Lightest- Oriflame The ONE Colour Unlimited Lipstick - Absolute Blush

Rosy pink Ombre Lips Tutorial
You can get this rosy pink Ombre Lips Tutorial with various cosmetic tools, but I have kept it very that don’t need any tool at all. Just follow the steps given below:
1. I have used 3 lipsticks, the one being the darkest, then with the middle tone to it and 3rd the lightest one of the same colour
2. I didn’t use Lip liner here; you can also use this of the matching or one with a dark shade lipstick
3. Apply concealer all over the lips using finger tips to cover any pigmentation
4. Cover this with the compact powder and set for the lipstick to stay longer on your lips.
5. Apply darker shade of the lipstick on the outline.
6. Take a next light shade in small amount to apply on mid side of the lip.
7. Apply the lightest shade of the lipstick on the most inner part of the lips to create the essence of an ombre lips with fading effect.
8. You can play a lil trick here by blending fine till the darkest colour don’t seem not that harsh.
9.  Apply a clear lip gloss over top to finish the look. Do this very carefully, so the colors don’t mix together and lose your ombre effect.

Have fun by creating some lovely ombre lips for yourself! Do share the feedback below!!

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