Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Lifebuoy Hand Sanitizer Review

What Lifebuoy Hand Sanitizer claims?
Proven to instantly kill 99.9% of germs, including the H1N1 virus, without the need for water, Lifebuoy Hand Sanitizer successfully kills bacteria and deactivates viruses on your hands. It is an ultimate disinfectant for your hands when you're on-the-go; it dries speedily, is non-sticky and contains normal moisturizers and vitamin E known to keep your hands soft and smooth.

Ingredients list of Lifebuoy Hand Sanitizer:
·         Ethyl Alcohol 95% v/v IP 55% w/w,
·         Isopropyl Alcohol Ip 10% w/w,
·         tocopheryl Acetate Ip 0.05% w/w,
·         Perfumed gel base: q.s to 100% w/w.. 

Directions to use Lifebuoy Hand Sanitizer:
·         Apply on your palm.
·         Spread evenly & rub over back of hands & finger tips until dry.

Price of Lifebuoy Hand Sanitizer: INR 60 for 55 ml.
Shelf life of Lifebuoy Hand Sanitizer: 2 years from the date of manufacturing

My views about Lifebuoy Hand Sanitizer:
This was my first   sanitizer that we bought after my baby’s birth, as we didn’t want our little tiny baby to get infected with the germs and bacteria. Also I made it a point to give her to anyone (friends or relatives) only after sanitizing their hands. This is a must; always keep in mind, especially for newborns.  We preferred Lifebuoy Hand Sanitizer as it claims to kill germs and also we trust the brand and their quality products.
This comes in a transparent plastic bottle with the initials and logo in red. The bottle has a flip cap that makes it travel friendly. The texture is gel like and transparent. The gel like texture helps to spread it easily and quickly. This also dries really fast and absorbed very easily. This contains moisturizers and vitamin E. the scent of Lifebuoy Hand Sanitizer is too mild and sober, I love this. It’s really enchanting and lingers for little time. But, will defiantly not harm your little one.
*** I am not sure if this ingredient (Perfumed gel base) is harmful. Personally I didn’t face any issue neither my little one had any problems. 

Pros of Lifebuoy Hand Sanitizer:
·         Travel friendly
·         Good packaging.
·         Keeps parents and their baby free from bacteria
·         Easily available
·         Value for price
·         Doesn’t dry after use
·         Mild and good smell
·         very light gel like texture
·         gets absorbed fast
·         requires little amount
·         kills the germs
·         moisturizes the hand
·         Contains Vitamin E.
·         Dries very quickly
·         Doesn’t bother or irritate the little one

Cons of Lifebuoy Hand Sanitizer:
·         Contains Perfumed gel base, wish that was not included


Will I recommend Lifebuoy Hand Sanitizer?
Yes, defiantly a must have in you purse handy if you a parent or even just like that to be protected from the germs surrounding you. This will be defiantly useful to keep you baby at bay from the harmful bacteria and germs that can cause several problems like allergy. This also moisturizes with vitamin E.  Use this to keep acne problems at bay and also apply before every makeup application in your palms.

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