Saturday, 11 June 2016

Easy Disney Minnie Mouse Nail Art

I & my Lil’ one are true Disney Minnie Mouse fan and thus it had to be her birthday’s theme this year.  So I thought to do a cute adorable Minnie Mouse manicure in some very easy steps!
Wondering about My inspiration for this Minnie mouse nails? Check my baby’s birthday cake below!!!
Easy Disney Minnie Mouse Nail Art

Nail Polish Used

·        Cuccio Nail Polish Manhattan Mayhem Glitter Red
·        Oriflame The ONE Long Wear Nail Polish - Red Sky at Night
·        White & black nail art pens
Easy Disney Minnie Mouse Nail Art

Easy Disney Minnie Mouse Nail Art

Let’s check how I created this easy Minnie Mouse mani in these simple steps:
1.     Apply a base coat.
2.     Apply 2 coats of red nail polish on the thumb, middle and little finger (for the bow and tiny polka dots to be visible nicely). Now Polish index & ring finger with 2 coats of glittery red polish.
3.     Let the nails dry properly, using a white nail art pen do polka dots & black ones to do make Minnie bow. Take care to keep a good space between dots.
4.     I have done large white polka dots on glittery nail and tiny dot on the plain red nail. You are free to use your imagination!!!
5.     After drying, cover these with top coat.
Easy Disney Minnie Mouse Nail Art

Don’t forget to leave your comments below if you like this Minnie Mouse Nail Art! Also share your imagination and creative side in the box below!!!

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