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Best Tips for Safer Baby Play Time

Babies love to play while they also learn with this. Various kinds of play are useful for dexterity development and boost physical, social and emotional development. Mom’s love to see their baby play, but all have their own ways to make the play experience safer and give their babies safer toy choices as well. 
Best Tips for Safer Baby Play Time
source: dettol
Few Recommendations That Worked For Me To Make Safer Baby Play Time
·        Make sure to look at your home from the little one’s point of view. Think about him crawling or reaching to the height and the hazards possible with it.
·        Keep all tiny household things such as crayons, paper bits, coins, clips, pencil, pens, jewellery, screws, bolts, buttons, etc out of your baby’s reach, especially if he is under 3 years of age. The items can be the major cause of choking.
·        Decorations and other collectibles must be out of their reach. Some loose and sharp parts can cause choking or even cut.
·        All the water sources like hot water filled buckets or pots must not be accessible to your babies. They must be kept away from anything that is filled with liquid.
·        Keep bad quality plastic toys out of the reach of your children. They can cause suffocation hazard.
·        All cords of electrical appliances like steam irons, TV, toasters must be kept out of your babies reach.
·        All the batteries in the toys must be take care to replace or dispose on time and your children must not have access to it.
·        Never- Never leave your baby unattended for playtime. No supervision can lead to sudden accident. 
Best Tips for Safer Baby Play Time
source: dettol

·        You can set up a safe storage for your baby’s toys. Leaving them all around the house can cause tripping or falling, especially if your baby isn’t fully stable on his feet.
·        Make sure to childproof all hot spots, especially their play area. You can make use of corner protectors for the sharp edges of furniture.
·        Flooring can cause big hazards, hence use plush rug or foam mats to protect when they fall while playing.
·        Inspection of your baby’s toys regularly is quite important. They must be examined periodically to find if they are broken. Thrush the toys that are chipped or broken. Little broken parts can be dangerous to your little one’s tiny feet.

My baby “Mishti” is 18 months old and I take care of these things to make sure her playtime is safe #SoftestForBabySkin... Hope the article helps you for safer Baby Play Time.

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