Thursday, 17 September 2015

Anokha Skincare Jasmine Serum Review

As I mentioned in my last post as well, “Anokha Skincare” is a US brand found by surgeon Nina. READ HERE
Today I have a review on their serum 
Anokha Skincare Jasmine Serum Review

What Anokha Skincare Jasmine Serum Claims?
·        This serum is a light, fragrant moisturizer which evokes the South Asian tradition of natural oils used to nourish the skin after cleansing.
·        Almond, jasmine, and sandalwood oils have been combined to condition and hydrate the skin without clogging pores.
·        Hyaluronic acid provides an extra boost of moisture. 

How To Use Anokha Skincare Jasmine Serum
·        Apply 2-3 drops onto your fingertips.
·        smooth it over your face and neck
·        Do this each morning and evening after the cleansing process.
·        Suits all skin types.

Anokha Skincare Jasmine Serum Review

Price Of Anokha Skincare Jasmine Serum

water, glycerin, benzyl alcohol, dehydroacetic acid, dipropylene glycol isoceteth-20 acetate, carbomer, sodium hyaluronate, panthenol, Santalum Album (sandalwood) oil, jasminum officinale (jasmine) oil, Prunus amygdalus dulcis (sweet almond) ol, sodium carbonate, sodium stearate, fragrance

Anokha Skincare Jasmine Serum Review

My Views About Anokha Skincare Jasmine Serum
This Serum comes in a very bright red colored cardboard box that makes the outer packaging look beautiful.  While the product comes filled in a transparent glass bottle and has a pump dispenser. This ensures hygiene and no leakage. The look of the bottle is luxurious and is travel friendly.
Anokha Skincare Jasmine Serum Review

This has light, smooth and soft texture and is best suitable for all skin types. This contains many natural active ingredients and gel consistency. Its jasmine scent is quite appealing and mild that fads within few seconds. You just need 2 pumps to smoothen it on the face. It’s advised to do this after your cleansing and toning routine for better results. The serum gets quickly absorbed and adds a nice healthy glow to the skin. It hydrates without clogging the pores.  

Swatch Of Anokha Skincare Jasmine Serum 
Anokha Skincare Jasmine Serum Review

Pro- Anokha Skincare Jasmine Serum
·        Natural and safe on skin
·        no parabens, sulphates, or mineral oil
·        Contains neem, amia turmeric, and rosewater.
·        Mild Jasmine scent.
·        Light
·        Gets absorbed quickly
·        Suitable for all skin types.
·        Doesn’t clog pores.
·        Hydrates the skin.
·        Good packaging.

Cons- Anokha Skincare Jasmine Serum
• Pricey

Final Verdict For Anokha Skincare Jasmine Serum
This serum has a very light texture with its mild jasmine scent. It’s effective to keep your skin soft, healthy and hydrated. For being a little pricey, but it surely does all this claims. You can surely add this in your daily skincare regime.

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