Thursday, 27 November 2014

Smart Tips for Applying Makeup During Winters

I will like to share some tricks and tips with you concerning applying of the face makeup at the time of winter months. A number of my clients have approached me for solutions for makeup not looking right, dry skin and lack of color. In case you are also facing similar problems, keep reading as I will have answers to the winter beauty concerns.
Moisturize while beautifying
Heavy layer of the foundation can blotch in snow and highlight the dry patches. Before applying lighten it by adding equal parts of foundation and moisturizer or use tinted moisturizer in its place.

Defeat dehydrated and dull skin
Dry patches can come up on surface of skin during thick of winters, making you less radiant despite your applying a lot of makeup. To overcome this use gentle exfoliant and follow it up with layer of moisturizer when your skin is damp. Keep drinking lot of water to remain hydrated from within.
Reduce redness
In case you have been left with inflamed and red face because of icy cold wind, this should be camouflaged with green-tinted moisturizer. If redness is restricted to smaller areas, apply color-correcting concealer at such spots. Use moisturizers having calming ingredients to treat the painful areas using 1% hydrocortisone cream.
Prevent windburn
Create barrier between the wind and your face by applying richer extra-moisturizing emollient. You should put up a parka’s hood or wear hat and scarf which may be put around the neck and the nose for extra protection.

Cleanse carefully
In case your face is parched and taut in cold weather, change your cleansing routine. In place of foaming, gel-based cleanser, use creamy or milky cleanser because lesser skin-stripping detergents are used in them. First massage dry skin; remove gently using facial tissue or the cotton pads. If this is not useful, think of using humidifier.

Perfect your pout
If your lips are flaky and cracked, put tinted lip balm which contains sunscreen. If they are in proper shape, you may use moisturizing lipstick but avoid long –wearing lipstick formulas.

Tear-proof the eye makeup
Snow and wintry winds may meltdown your makeup. You should fight off smears and smudges by applying the waterproof mascara using Myntra discount coupons. Make use of shadow and eye liners on upper lids just to reduce risk of migration of makeup.
Set it and forget it
If your makeup generally gets rubbed off on the coat, hat or scarf, efforts should be made to have it in place. This can be done by applying layer of the translucent pressed powder. This is not as messier as the loose powder and will be able to assist in keeping the makeup where it should be- on your face. The best make-up deals and coupons can be sought out at

Fight flakes
You could apply creamy and hydrating mask or rich night cream on the face for 5 to 15 minutes for getting rid of flaky and dry skin. Now press facial tissue on the face for absorbing excess if any and then proceed to bed.

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