Sunday, 21 September 2014

Johnson's - Baby Milk Soap review

Soaps for kids should be chosen with care and precision. Pick this Johnson’s Baby Milk Soap for your baby to make sure their delicate skin is not harmed.
Enriched with Natural Milk Extract and Vitamin A & E
To keep your baby’s skin soft and supple, this soap has been enriched with natural milk extracts along with nutrients like Vitamin A & E which supplement their skin with the stripped off moisture.
Moisturises Baby's Skin
Babies have sensitive skin which tends to lose moisture due to constant cleaning and wiping. This soap replenishes your little’s skin with the necessary moisture.
Retains Skin's Natural Microbial Flora
The soap helps retain the skin’s natural microbial flora which in turn assists in maintaining the moisture and the body temperature.
Tested for Mildness
This soap has been tested for mildness, thus you won’t have to think twice before using it on your baby’s sensitive skin.
Protection from Allergies
Ensuring your baby is healthy at all times, this soap provides protection from allergies.

Key ingredients of Johnson's - Baby Milk Soap:
·         Vitamin A,
·         Vitamin E,
·         Milk Extracts

Price of Johnson's - Baby Milk Soap:
75 g FOR 40

Directions to use:
·         Wet your baby's face and body.
·         Apply the soap evenly and work a good lather
·         rinse properly 

My experience with Johnson's - Baby Milk Soap:
Johnson's - Baby Milk Soap is available in a cardboard case that has soap inside wrapped in a plastic to maintain the quality. The soap colour is pure white and lathers really well. The soap spreads easily to clean the area very gently. It’s easy to rinse without leaving any residue behind. This doesn’t make my baby’s skin very dry neither adds any on her face, so an ok soap! This is very safe to use for my little ones and also moisturizes the skin without making it dry and rough. It is suitable for all the baby’s skin types. This adds to skin moisture and doesn’t cause any itchiness or dryness. You can also use Johnson's - Baby Milk Soap for the sensitive skin babies and newborns.
This has natural milk extract and vitamin a & e that help to make the skin soft and supple without taking off moisture. This claims to retain the skin’s natural microbial flora that is useful to maintain body’s moisture and temperature. Johnson's - Baby Milk Soap also provides protection from any allergies.
 Johnson's - Baby Milk Soap has a milk, oil and flowery fragrance, this makes it different from the usual Johnson soap. It’s a very mild that stays for some time. 

Pros of Johnson's - Baby Milk Soap:
·         Contains Natural Milk Extract and Vitamin A & E
·         Good mild and floral fragrance
·         Cleanses skin very  gently
·         Mildness tested
·         Lathers good
·         Spreads easily
·         Travel friendly
·         In good budget
·         Easy to rinse
·         no allergies
·         Easy availability
·         Moisturizes skin
·         Ideal for newborns and sensitive skin babies
·         Doesn’t cause cause itchiness

Cons of Johnson's - Baby Milk Soap:
·         None

Rating: 4.5/5

Will I recommend Johnson's - Baby Milk Soap?

Yes, I will highly recommend this soap. It is a good buy with quality and in budget. This ensures that your baby gets a good bath without causing any allergy or kin problems. 

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