Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Online Shopping Website Review: CashKaro.Com

Getting cashback on shopping for already discounted products!! I am sure it’s a truly new concept for all of us who wouldn’t want to cashbask for the products purchased online? Yes, I know this is really very tempting and hence, today I have a review for website known a CashKaro.Com.

About CashKaro.Com:
 Cashkaro.com is one of the India’s leading Cashback and Coupon website that saves on your  regular online purchases from many Indian and International Brands. Their cashback and coupon partners are among the 350+ top brands like  Flipkart, Myntra ,Jet Airways, Yatra, Expediathis helps you  save Rs 1000s each year, as their our discounts are always over and above any offers. This is something actually unique.
Cashkaro also has a awesome referral program that you can add on your Website/Blog. Cashkaro gives 10% of their Cashback for lifetime For everyone who joins via your referral link.

Amazon Cashback from CashKaro.Com:

They are soon going to be offering Cashback on Amazon. If you love Amazon and Cashkaro have all the more reason to love Cashkaro even more as Cashkaro is now going to be giving Cashback on Amazon purchases.

How CashKaro.com Works:
For example, if you buy an item/s with your account at cashkaro from Tradus.com of rs.1000, you will get Rs.300 as cashback of the total amount oruchased in your account cashkaro.
Cashkaro works as an affiliate marketing. You gaet certain commission by  purchasing through the listed online shopping sites. This is paid as a cash back that gets deposited to your bank account.

How to start with CashKaro.com
·        Register and Create an Account with CashKaro.com
·        login to your account
·        just purchase any item from the the website that you like. Remember to go through the link on cashkaro.com
·        Shop from the webite.
·        This automatically tracks your purchases and adds it to your cashkaro account. This can take 2-3 days to reflect on cashkaro.
·        After the period of cancellation / refund cashkaro adds the amount to your Cashkaro accoubt.
·        You can  make money by referring to your friends, family, colleagues, to Cashkaro. If they join through your referral link, you can get  10% of their referrals earnings for lifetime.

How do I get paid from Cashkaro?
When you have Rs 250/- Cashback in your account, this can be redeemed to your bank account via NEFT or cheque.

My Shopping Experience with Cashkaro.com:
I joined CashKaro.com and signed up on their website. Saw the list of their online shopping websites from the search box at the top right hand side. They had amany amazing deals ans coupon for all my favourite websites. The moment I likes a deal, I has to click on the blue button that asks to Sign-in to your account to avail the  Offer. Then I Shoped normally at the site. The  cashback got automatically added in my  Cashkaro account within 72 hours. after 3-4 days, I got an email saying that said there was some  pending cashback in my account. After 4-12 weeks, I got the  cashback money by NEFT, transferred to my bank account. You can also opt for a cheque!

PROS of Cashkaro.com:
·        Very easy to use
·        they ahve Coupons + cashback on many deals
·        350+ top shopping sites
·        collect you amount  via NEFT or cheque
·        save extra money over many discounts
·        Restaurant deals also available
·        you can also earn referral bonus of 10% For lifetime.
·        they even have International Brands
·        Free to register and use!
·        No fraud

CONS OF Cashkaro.com:
1) pending cashback might take 4-12 weeks for conformation.  

My verdict for
I fully recommend Cashkaro.com to everyone! Even if you do purchse via online sometimes or regularly, why let go some money- if you can avail it for free? You can save huge amount over and above the discount already on the websites. Everything just remains the same, its just that you get cashback for your shopping, that’s it!!
see what i earned-

 So, Happy saving girlz and boyz!

Visit Cashkaro.com
And follow them on facebook and Twitter 

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