Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Happy…. Happy…. Happy…. Birthday Dad!!!

Happy day sweeties!
 Yesterday 7th January was my very special man’s birthday - my dad! Wishing happy birthday to my dearest dad and best man in my life that I could ever ask for! I am too blessed to have my great daddy in my life. I love to the core and unable to express them in words.

 "Happy b'day to u, Happy 'day to dear dad.....Happy b'day to u"
 momma n paa

 the cake server!

 sharing a piece of cake with you all ....

 We celebrated his birthday yesterday- a small family party (just 5 of us).
Just to end, love you dad! Hope this was a good birthday surprise!!!
 me hubby with parents
bro with parents

***we gifted him the shirt that he is wearing!

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